June 11, 2021

Fellow Patriots,

The Texas Legislative Session is over, and I am proud to tell you about the huge strides made for the Second Amendment in 2021.

Thanks to constant pressure from TXGR members and supporters like you, Constitutional Carry has finally passed in Texas!

This comes after almost a decade of fighting the deep pockets of Gun Control, Inc. and the anti-gun establishment in Austin.

Once signed into law, law-abiding citizens at least 21 years old will no longer have to beg for government permission to protect themselves and their families.

But it’s important to know Constitutional Carry wasn’t the only victory for gun rights this session.

Hotel Carry” (SB 20), will allow gun owners to store their firearms and ammo in their hotel rooms and transport them to and from their vehicle legally.

As most responsible gun owners know, vehicle theft is the primary way firearms end up in the hands of criminals. So not only does SB 20 prevent Texans from being disarmed when staying at a hotel, it will also make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms.

The “Suppressor Freedom” bill (HB 957) also passed, repealing Texas’ criminalization of suppressor possession.

That means any suppressors that are “Made in Texas” and remain in Texas are exempt from federal regulations. (But be careful -- this will likely be tested in courts as it conflicts with Federal Law). 

Finally, the Texas Legislature also passed a so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” bill (HB 2622).

While the this is a step in the right direction, it still does not go far enough and does not make it illegal to enforce unconstitutional federal gun control.

To make Texas a true “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” there must be real consequences for anyone from the D.C. swamp trying to violate the gun rights of Texans.

All of these freedom-restoring bills are expected to be signed by Governor Abbott.

But we must not count our chickens before they hatch, so please call Governor Abbott at (512) 463-2000 and encourage him to sign ALL pro-gun bills into law, especially Constitutional Carry!

The good news is, even if Abbott does not sign these bills, they will all still go into effect without his signature on September 1!

The only way these bills die is with a veto.

In addition to our offensive victories, several anti-gun bills were stopped in their tracks.

Thanks to your activism, EVERY gun control bill in the Texas Legislature was defeated, including:

● “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation (HB 164, HB 210, HB 395, SB 10, SB 84, & SB 283), which would have stripped law-abiding gun owners of their firearms WITHOUT due process or a crime being committed.

A BAN on standard capacity magazines (HB 178 & HB 234), which would have outlawed magazines that hold more than just a handful of rounds.

The repeal of Texas’ partial Campus Carry law (HB 201), which would have disarmed LTC holders on college campuses, making them soft targets for deranged mass shooters and criminals.

The repeal of Texas’ firearms preemption law (HB 238), which would have opened up local level gun control in liberal cities, allowing them to enact a patchwork of confusing gun control laws throughout the state.

A BAN on so-called “Assault Weapons” (HB 172 & HB 241), making millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens felons overnight.

Universal Gun Registration (SB 242, HB 118, HB 218, HB 606), prohibiting the sale, gifting, or lending of firearms between law-abiding Texans without first begging for government permission.

Thanks to YOUR hard work, we stopped the unholy alliance of Bloomberg-funded Democrats with the anti-gun RINO establishment and kept all of this nonsense out of Texas.

This goes to show the best defense is a strong offense, and by pushing for freedom-restoring bills like Constitutional Carry, we kept the gun grabbers on their heels all session!

But there is still work to be done to restore Texans’ God-given right to self-defense as outlined in the Second Amendment.

We must continue holding politicians accountable who fought against gun owners this session, as they inevitably paint themselves as “pro-gun” during election season.

That’s why I am counting on you, to help us “restock our ammo” so we can continue fighting in the Lone Star State.

Please consider a gift of $50 or even $20 to keep the momentum going and set Texas up for even more gun freedom in the future.

Texans’ gun rights are now more secure because of your steadfast support.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights



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