Renew Your Texas Gun Rights Membership for 2021!

August 7, 2020


Gun-hating liberal politicians from D.C. to California are going all out to flip Texas “blue” this November.

To help make this nightmare become a reality, Michael Bloomberg and national Democrats are flooding Texas with tens of millions of dollars to buy control of the Texas House of Representatives.

You see, Biden doesn’t need to win Texas for anti-gun Democrats to be successful…

With only nine seats standing between Democrats and control of the Texas House, it is more important than ever that politicians are held accountable for their stance on your Second Amendment rights.

That’s why I need you to renew your Texas Gun Rights Membership today!

When you join today for the low rate of $30, you’ll receive a valuable package of members-only benefits, including:

● YOUR TXGR Member Card



● INSTANT Email Alerts

● Access to exclusive giveaways


But the greatest benefit and the most important reason to join is becoming a leader in the fight to save your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Fellow Patriot, TXGR is on the frontlines fighting back against Bloomberg and his well-funded cronies, protecting your right to lawfully use firearms in defense of your life and your loved ones.

And no other organization can mobilize grassroots pro-gun Texans and EXPOSE anti-gun politicians like TXGR can.

But our strength to FIGHT and WIN comes from YOU.

Renew your Texas Gun Rights Membership today!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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