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January 21, 2021


I’ll get straight to the point.

With a new legislative session now under way, Texas Gun Rights is fighting to get a recorded vote on Constitutional Carry in the State Legislature.

TXGR Legislative Director Bethany Young and Rep. Biedermann

In fact, Representative Kyle Biedermann filed HB 1238, the 2021 Constitutional Carry bill in the Texas House!

But it is imperative that your lawmakers sign onto and support his bill right away.

So please sign your Constitutional Carry petition encouraging your lawmakers to support Biedermann’s Constitutional Carry bill TODAY!

But if you’ve already signed your petition, please read this important legislative update below.

Fellow Patriot, during election time, virtually all Republicans running for office claim to be “pro-gun.”

But when they get down to Austin, many do nothing more than maintain the status quo -- or worse -- they vote to further restrict your right to keep and bear arms!

In fact, TXGR exposed “Republican” Speaker Dennis Bonnen as the man responsible for killing Constitutional Carry in 2019...opening the door for his impending retirement from the Texas House.

Even though the Texas House may have cleansed itself of Bonnen, insiders say new Speaker Dade Phelan may follow in his footsteps.

In fact, some insiders say he is even smarter and more manipulative than Bonnen.

And rumors suggest Phelan may appoint an anti-gun Democrat to chair the committee responsible for Constitutional Carry legislation -- just as Bonnen did last year!

In fact, Speaker Phelan already announced that he plans to maintain the long-held Texas Republican tradition of appointing Democrats to powerful committees -- in spite of holding majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

Believe me, I wish it weren’t true...

Freshman State Representative Bryan Slaton proposed an amendment to the House rules that would’ve prevented this abdication of power, but the swamp creatures in Austin swiftly shot it down.

Worse, self-proclaimed conservative Republicans like Jeff Leach and Briscoe Cain betrayed their constituents by speaking and voting against this rule change -- and empowering Democrats to stop pro-gun legislation from ever reaching the floor just like last year.

Of course, you and I both know that this is merely a tactic to give RINO’s cover for killing legislation they don’t want passed in the first place.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights will not relent in holding Republican leadership accountable for anything bad that happens to your gun rights in 2021.

So will Speaker Phelan be Bonnen 2.0?

Only time will tell.

But it is incumbent upon Speaker Phelan and all House Republicans to hear from their pro-gun constituents to NOT surrender to the anti-gun extremists and to hold a no-compromise line defending the Second Amendment.

Gun owners like you and me must demand more gun freedom with a recorded vote on Constitutional Carry.

So please sign your Constitutional Carry petition to your lawmakers today.

Constitutional Carry is a simple concept: if you can legally own a gun, you should be allowed to carry that gun without having to beg for permission from the government.

Sixteen other states already have Constitutional Carry, including neighboring Oklahoma and Arkansas!

Unlike the fearmongering claims of the anti-gun media, these states are not overrun with violence and death.

They are proof that “an armed society is a polite society.”

Many of these states have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the country.

Of course, that’s no surprise.

Studies show when citizens exercise their constitutional right to carry firearms for self-defense, crime rates drop dramatically.

With political unrest and not-so-peaceful leftist “protesters” given a free-pass to riot and loot in the streets, it’s more important than ever for law-abiding citizens to be their own first-line of defense!

But currently, your gun rights are being left behind, strangled by red tape.

That’s because Texas currently requires gun owners to jump through ridiculous bureaucratic hoops and fees to simply exercise your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Denying or even delaying your right to defend yourself can have deadly consequences.

With Texas's largest cities defunding police and refusing to enforce laws against violent rioters, passing Constitutional Carry could very well be the difference between an innocent Texan defending their life or losing it.

That is why you must demand your representatives take action for Constitutional Carry in Texas.

In 2020, Texas Gun Rights members made it clear to their candidates for State Legislature that they expect nothing less than Constitutional Carry in 2021.

With your continued support, Texas Gun Rights will not rest until we get a recorded vote on this critical legislation.

By pushing for Constitutional Carry, Texans are signaling their refusal to accept the radical anti-gun agenda.

And with a Republican-controlled legislature, your representatives have no excuse to not bring Constitutional Carry to the floor for a vote.

With your support, and the support of gun owners all over Texas, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones without bureaucrats standing in the way. But only if you act now.

So sign your Constitutional Carry petition right away!

I cannot do this without you.

Thank you for your commitment to the Second Amendment.

For Freedom,

Bethany Young

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