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January 15, 2020


After the horrific tragedies in 2019, anti-gun Leftists are pushing their extreme agenda all over the country.

The deafening cries of “less guns” and “more restrictions” attempt to drown out ALL rational debate as anti-gun hysteria reaches all-time highs.

Thankfully, Texas is NOT in the middle of a legislative session.

But thanks to our top Republican “leaders” hosting a “Gun Control Roadshow” across the state in recent months, Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen are keeping the gun control debate alive and well in the Lone Star State.

With the March 3rd primary election knocking on our door, this could spell disaster for pro-gun Texans and Republicans alike...

...handing Texas to Michael Bloomberg and anti-gun Democrats on a silver platter in November!

Chris, I know you understand we cannot sit idly by amidst this madness.

That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your SECOND AMENDMENT SURVEY immediately.

I need 11 responses from 75080!

Texas Gun Rights is gearing up for a massive election accountability program during the upcoming election season, ensuring Texans have proper pro-gun representation by their elected officials.

Pro-gun Texans have some critical battles going on in 2020, including:


*** Holding lawmakers accountable in the Primary. Republican politicians killed Constitutional Carry legislation in 2015, 2017, and 2019 -- in spite of holding overwhelming majorities in the legislature.

We must hold these politicians accountable during the March 3rd primary and identify the strongest pro-gun candidates who stand the best chance at defeating anti-gun candidates in November;


*** Exposing anti-gunners in November. The 2020 elections will be one of the ugliest years in recent memory. Gun grabbers are going all-out to push radical gun control while BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg is spending tens of millions of dollars from his war chest to buy the Democrat nomination...ensuring an anti-gun down ballot effect.

We must expose politicians hoping to ride Bloomberg’s coat tails into office;


*** Strengthening Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties. Local governments across Texas are declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties” to push back against national threats of more gun control. Yet many of these resolutions serve as nothing more than false hope and empty campaign talking points.

We must ensure counties pass actual ordinances with TEETH to protect Texans from unconstitutional infringements on our right to keep and bear arms!;


*** Enforcing state pre-emption laws. It is unlawful for local governments to enact gun control laws stricter than state law, such as designating taxpayer-funded buildings as “gun-free” criminal safety zones.

We must ensure Attorney General Paxton enforces our state’s pre-emption law to keep local governments from disarming its citizens;


*** Keep pushing for Constitutional Carry in Texas. If you’re able to legally possess a firearm, you should be able to carry it. Period. No permission slips or paying expensive fees. Constitutional Carry is law in 15 states across the country, so it’s long overdue for Texas to become the 16th Constitutional Carry state!

We must make Constitutional Carry a top issue through the elections to fight back on offense against the gun grabbers!


As you can see, my priorities for 2020 are ambitious.

But I need to make sure these priorities line up with the priorities of our members and supporters in every city across the state.

So will you please sign your survey today?

Your opinion is absolutely critical.

You see, TXGR’s power comes from good folks like YOU -- hunterscollectorshobbyiststarget shootersConstitutionalists, and those who carry firearms for self-defense.

With our members’ signed petitions, emails, phone calls and generosity, we ensure politicians understand supporting gun control could result in a swift END to their political careers.

TXGR’s bare-knuckled, no compromise tactics are having an impact in Austin.

In 2019 we laid the groundwork for Speaker Bonnen’s forced retirement after exposing him as the man killing Constitutional Carry behind closed doors.

And in the wake of the attacks in El Paso and Midland-Odessa, we made it crystal clear to Governor Abbott that calling a special session to pass gun control would come at a high political cost.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, just see what former State Representative Matt Rinaldi had to say about Texas Gun Rights:

“I’ve seen firsthand the firepower Texas Gun Rights brings to the Capitol, and we’re going to need every ounce of it to pass truly pro-gun legislation.”

Maintaining the momentum depends on keeping a massive and engaged grassroots presence in every small town and big city across the state, Chris.

And I still need to hear from 11 people in 75080, so please sign your SECOND AMENDMENT SURVEY and consider giving a most generous sacrifice of $100.

I know that’s a lot to ask for, but Texas Gun Rights doesn’t have Bloomberg’s BILLIONS. My hope is that I have YOU.

But if that’s simply not in the realm of possibility, I will graciously accept your most generous contribution of $75 or $50.

Even a contribution of $5 will help us cover the cost of this mailing and allow us to reach out to 4 more pro-gun Texans for the upcoming fights.

Whatever you decide, please submit your SECOND AMENDMENT SURVEY today to help me ensure Texas Gun Rights’ priorities line up with yours.

Thank you for your continued support!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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