Take Action

GOP Mega Donors and “woke” corporate CEO’s are pressuring top Texas Republican politicians to punish law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a deranged killer.

Everything from “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation to Universal Gun Registration and even bans on popular guns like the AR 15 rifle are on the table for the gun control extremists — even though NONE of these policies would’ve prevent the horrific tragedy in Uvalde.

Governor Greg Abbott is placating the woke mob by creating a committee tasked with studying mental health and “firearms safety” — a committee that anti-gun Democrat Rep. Joe Moody and “Red Flag” bill author has a seat on.

Worse, U.S. Senator Cornyn is leading the Republican compromise for gun control in Washington by announcing a “framework” for grant funding for “Red Flag” laws in legislatures across the country.

Pro-gun Texans must take immediate action to counteract this threat. So please, contact your lawmakers right away by filling out this form!