2024 Republican Primary Runoff Voter Guide

2024 Republican Primary Runoff: May 28th (early voting: May 20-24)


The candidates listed below have returned a PRO-GUN Texas Gun Rights Candidate Survey and pledged to fight for your gun rights without compromise.


Don’t see your candidate? Tell them to fill out their TXGR Candidate Survey today! Print/Download candidate survey here.


**Last updated 4/2/24**

U.S. Congress

  • CD 7: Caroline Kane (pro-gun survey)
  • CD 12: John O’Shea (pro-gun survey)
  • CD 23: Brandon Herrera (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • CD 29:…awaiting survey return
  • CD 32:…awaiting survey return
  • CD 35:…awaiting survey return

Texas Senate

  • SD 30: Jace Yarbrough (TXGR PAC-endorsed)

Texas House

  • HD 1: …awaiting survey return
  • HD 12: Trey Wharton ((pro-gun survey)
  • HD 21: David Covey (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 29: …awaiting survey return
  • HD 30: AJ Louderback (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 33: Katrina Pierson (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 44: Alan Schoolcraft (pro-gun survey)
  • HD 58: Helen Kerwin (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 61: Keresa Richardson (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 64: Andy Hopper (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 91: David Lowe (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
  • HD 97: Cheryl Bean (TXGR PAC-endorsed)
Returning a pro-gun survey does NOT constitute an endorsement of any candidate for office. The list of pro-gun survey respondents is for informational purposes so gun owners know EXACTLY which candidates for public office have pledged their commitment to protecting gun rights. 
Texas Gun Rights is the Texas affiliate of the National Association for Gun Rights, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election. Candidate endorsements are reserved for our political action committee, Texas Gun Rights PAC.
Need more context on the survey questions? Read background information here.

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