Dear Texas Gun Rights Supporter,

Thanks for your interest in Texas Gun Rights!

The political establishment thinks they have it made.

Texans still can’t enjoy their right to keep and bear arms as upheld in the Second Amendment.

If you want to open carry, you have to beg for and purchase this right from the state!

And the law even gives loopholes for local politicians to impose backdoor gun bans!

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is pushing for “Constitutional Carry.”

And Speaker of the House Joe Straus, backed by Bloomberg cronies, has done everything in his power to stop Constitutional Carry.

Meanwhile, the political class is gloating over their clutches on our rights.

But Texas Gun Rights is fully dedicated to restoring our gun rights to their full enjoyment as intended by the Second Amendment.

So we need your help to hold anti-gun politicians accountable – and take back our rights!

Your contribution of $10, $20, or $30 goes a long way in helping us fight for our rights across Texas.

We’d be honored to have your support for our grassroots gun rights army!

For freedom,

Chris McNutt

Executive Director

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