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Don’t Let Them Buy Texas

Don’t Let Them Buy Texas

May 1, 2020

Even though Texas just began its soft “re-opening” of the economy, gun grabbers hoping to influence Texas elections haven’t skipped a beat.

As Texans were hunkered down due to COVID-19, gun controllers doubled down on their commitment to flip the Texas House of Representatives.


According to CNN, Bloomberg-backed “Everytown for Gun Control” launched an initiative to register 100,000 anti-gun voters before November.

Of course, that’s on top of the $8,000,000 they’re already spending to buy control of the Texas House…

Patriot, if Democrats take control of the House, pressure will shift to the Republican-controlled Senate to “do something” on gun control when the next tragedy strikes.

And that’s not a good position for gun owners to be in, especially with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick presiding over the Texas Senate.

If you recall, Patrick famously declared he would lead the charge for Universal Gun Registration following tragedies in 2019.

That’s why I’m calling on ALL pro-gun Texans to show their commitment to defending gun rights with a generous contribution to TXGR today.

As indicated by their spending, Texas is a priority of gun control zealots across the country.

With the 2020 elections now only 6 months away, they’re hoping to pack the Texas legislature with anti-gun politicians…in hopes of replicating the success they had in Virginia.

If you recall, “Everytown for Gun Control” spent just $2.5 million to take control of the Virginia Legislature last year — a fraction of what they’re spending on Texas now.

And we saw how that turned out.

As Virginian’s were under “shelter in place” orders last month, Governor Ralph Northam signed five gun control bills into law, including “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, Universal Gun Registration, and a draconian “one gun per month” purchase law.

And these laws are some of Bloomberg’s top gun control policies nationwide…including Texas!

Sadly, Bloomberg and his cronies aren’t the only anti-gunners hoping to flip the Texas House.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas is the top target for BradyPAC, who’s pledging to spend at least half a million dollars more in Texas than they are spending in any other state.

That’s in addition to the millions being spent by Bloomberg, George Soros, and the Giffords gun control group.

We are seeing an onslaught of spending in Texas by the anti-gun left like we’ve never seen before.

In total, anti-gun Democrats are projected to spend over $200 million trying to flip Texas “blue” in 2020!

If Bloomberg and his cronies are able to buy Texas, they have a playbook to follow for “red” and “purple” states nationwide.

Because as the saying says: “As goes Texas, so goes the nation.”

And we may look back at this moment and realize this was where the Second Amendment died.

I can’t bear to see that happen.

Patriot, I’m committed to doing everything in my power to make sure these bought and sold anti-gun politicians are exposed!

Not only that, Texas Gun Rights is going all out to identify candidates who will actually defend your Second Amendment.

And we’ve already made tremendous progress during the March primary elections.

After blanketing Texas House districts with thousands of pieces of mail, sending tens of thousands of emails, and launching targeted online ad campaigns, candidates across the state went on the record opposing Bloomberg’s radical gun control agenda.

Not only that, thanks to your efforts, nine new candidates returned their Texas Gun Rights Candidate Surveys 100% pro-gun!

Giving pro-gun Texans the best chance to beat gun grabbing candidates in November.

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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