Texas Gun Rights Foundation bringing TXGR’s ‘No Compromise’ Tactics to the Courtroom!

December 14, 2023

Texas Gun Rights Foundation was established in February 2023 and has quickly emerged as a pivotal force in defending Second Amendment rights! In collaboration with the National Association for Gun Rights, Texas Gun Rights Foundation launched two significant legal challenges against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), targeting their unconstitutional bans on pistol stabilizing braces and forced reset triggers.

Understanding the ATF Bans and Their Impact

The ban on pistol stabilizing braces sought to reclassify firearms equipped with these braces as short-barreled rifles. This would subject them to more stringent regulations under the National Firearms Act. This move could have dramatically restricted the use of these braces, popular among disabled veterans and other shooters for providing stability and accuracy, and arbitrarily turned tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners into criminals overnight!

The forced reset trigger was another device targeted by the ATF. The triggers allowed semi-automatic firearms to reset the trigger more quickly. According to the ATF, firearms with such triggers were to be considered “machine guns” which, like the pistol stabilizing brace ban, would put the triggers under strict regulation of the NFA… implementing a de facto ban for the majority of lawful gun owners.

Thanks to Texas Gun Rights’ lawsuits spearheaded by the Foundation, preliminary injunctions have temporarily blocked enforcement of these bans for members of the organization as they wait for a permanent ruling.

Facing the Threat of Universal Gun Registration

The Foundation is also closely watching the ATF’s proposal to redefine “dealer in firearms.” This change could mean many individuals, including private sellers, might be classified as dealers. This would prevent gun owners from selling, gifting, or lending firearms to others without first getting government approval, inching the U.S. closer to a form of universal gun registration without congressional approval. As every gun owner knows, registration is just the first step toward outright confiscation. Texas Gun Rights Foundation is preparing to sue the ATF in another lawsuit if the new rule is finalized and implemented as expected!

Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse in Civil Litigation

Beyond these regulatory battles, the Foundation has taken a proactive stance in supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. Facing multiple civil lawsuits, Rittenhouse’s legal battles continue despite his acquittal in criminal court. The Foundation has contributed several thousand dollars to aid his legal defense in 2023, emphasizing its commitment to individuals embroiled in self-defense cases.

Empowering the Grassroots Movements

Recognizing the power of grassroots activism, Texas Gun Rights Foundation is collaborating with Young Americans for Liberty and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership to train activists in Texas. This initiative focuses on equipping individuals with the skills needed to run for political office and manage campaigns, essential for building a robust opposition to gun control initiatives.

Forging a Future for Gun Rights

Texas Gun Rights Foundation’s multifaceted approach — from challenging federal regulations to nurturing grassroots political engagement – helps position the Foundations as a key player in the ongoing effort to safeguard gun rights. As the Foundation continues its work, it stands as a beacon of hope for gun owners, not just in Texas but across the United States!

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