Bloomberg’s Gun Control Christmas Wish

Bloomberg’s Gun Control Christmas Wish

December 27, 2019

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Holiday as I did.

Sadly, even before we usher in the New Year, reality is setting back in.

Michael Bloomberg and his cronies are working hard to realize their Christmas wish of turning Texas “blue” in 2020.

After effectively buying the Virginia legislature in November, “Gun Control, Inc.” is unleashing a firestorm of spending on Texas.

Even the puppet master himself is emerging from the shadows by plastering “Mike Bloomberg for President” ads on TV screens across the state…

Bloomberg is trying to buy the Democratic nomination in hopes of turning out the anti-gun vote all the way down the ballot!

With tens of millions of dollars already flowing into our state, I need to know where to focus TXGR’s resources for this important election season. That’s why I’m asking for your immediate advice.

Please submit your Texas Gun Rights Member Directive right away.

After evaluating all the fights we’re facing, I’m a little worried that — without an influx of funds — I might have to cut back on Texas Gun Rights’ most critical programs.

That’s why TXGR’s limited resources must be used wisely and as efficiently as possible.

So one of my top goals approaching the upcoming primary election is to EXPOSE anti-gun politicians and candidates — by reporting their actions and positions to their constituents.

We hear it time and time again, politicians claim they are “pro-gun” while running for office, yet have no legislative record to prove it — or worse — they blatantly lie about their record.

Even Bloomberg-backed candidates will claim to “support the Second Amendment” while pushing for “common-sense” gun control.

As you and I know, the only good form of gun control is hitting your target!

Sadly, anti-gun Democrats aren’t the only enemy of gun rights.

Earlier this year, TXGR exposed Republican Speaker Dennis Bonnen for killing Constitutional Carry, laying the groundwork for his forced retirement from the Texas House.

Now, his cronies are in a frenzy trying to grab the power of the Speaker’s gavel.

If we want to expose his cronies and stop the gun control status quo in Austin we must continue our efforts.

Please select EXPOSE ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS AND CANDIDATES IN TEXAS on your Member Directive if you agree.

But exposing anti-gun politicians and candidates is just the tip of the iceberg. It will not be good enough to stop Michael Bloomberg’s agenda and the momentum gained in Virginia.

He even ramped up his presidential bid, promising to make gun control a central focus of his campaign.

And he is already committing MILLIONS of dollars to ramming gun control down the throats of Texas gun owners — and Nancy Pelosi has declared Texas as “ground zero” for the 2020 elections.

To top it all off, our own Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is leading the charge for radical Universal Gun Registration, and Governor Abbott called for a “Gun Control Roadshow” of anti-gun committee hearings to take place across the state.

Texas Gun Rights MUST oppose any new gun control schemes.

So if you believe drawing a line in the sand should be Texas Gun Rights’ top priority, please select STOP BLOOMBERG’S RADICAL GUN CONTROL AGENDA IN TEXAS on your Member Directive.

Every minute we spend on defense against gun control is a minute we lose on the offensive to advance freedom and liberty.

So while it is important to derail Bloomberg’s plans to shove gun control down Texans’ throats, we must continue advancing pro-gun legislation.

You and I both know a firearm is one of the great equalizers for self-defense against violent crime…and tyranny.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights will continue pushing for Constitutional Carry in the Lone Star State.

15 other states already have Constitutional Carry as law of the land, including our neighbors in Oklahoma. It’s time for Texas to catch up and do the same.

Law-abiding Texans shouldn’t have to pay a tax or beg for government permission to exercise their God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Despite the emotional rhetoric of the liberal fake news media, there is no blood in the streets in these pro-gun states…it’s exactly the opposite.

The three safest states in the nation — Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont — are all Constitutional Carry states.

On top of that, this common-sense pro-gun policy would deal a MAJOR blow to any of Bloomberg’s gun control efforts.

So if you believe TXGR should strike back on offense, please select STRIKE BACK ON OFFENSE BY MAKING CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY A TOP ISSUE IN 2020 on your Member Directive.

Texas has a reputation as being a solid pro-gun state, but in reality, our gun laws place us in the middle of the pack — and it is time to fight back.

With so many important issues needing our attention, your signed Member Directive will help Texas Gun Rights prioritize our resources.

We simply can’t do all we do without the support of dedicated Second Amendment supporters like you, which is why I included one more option:


With our gun rights at stake, there isn’t time to delay.

I look forward to hearing from you.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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