Calling All Pro-Gun Texans. Constitutional Carry Canvassers Needed!

Calling All Pro-Gun Texans. Constitutional Carry Canvassers Needed!

April 25, 2019,

Do you live in or near Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s House District? House District 25 covers the areas of Angleton, Lake Jackson, Bay City, Freeport and areas in between (see map here). 

TXGR is calling on law-abiding, pro-gun Texans to peacefully pass out flyers in Speaker Boonen’s district, requesting his constituents respectfully contact him — their elected official — and urge him to advance Constitutional Carry, House Bill 357!

As you may have read recently, Bonnen is blocking this pro-gun legislation which 15 other states have already passed.

Download the flyer here

Download the flyer here

Rules for Successful Canvassing:

You can print these flyers on your own printer – but it’s easiest to send the file to your local Office Depot or print shop and have them print this on orange cardstock. 25 copies, double-sided will run about $10 and provides 50 postcard-sized flyers!

If you can’t make it to the Speaker’s district but still want to help, you can print and pass out these flyers in your neighborhood to help create more pressure.

This is something you can do at your own leisure, on your own schedule, but please do it during daylight hours.

All you have to do is place these flyers at the doors. No door-knocking and no talking to people. If you happen to get greeted at a door, be sure to remain polite and do not engage in time-wasting debate. Simply explain what the flyer is if asked, and feel free to read the flyer to the constituent, and be on your way.

Be on the lookout for “no soliciting” and “no trespassing signs.” If you see any houses with these types of sign, skip it and go to the next one.

You do not need a license or any pre-approval to pass out flyers. It is non-commercial, it is not considered soliciting, and passing out political information is protected by your First Amendment right! 

It is strongly recommended that you dress professionally and do not carry any of your lawfully possessed firearms or any other weapon while canvassing to avoid unnecessary alarm.

Given current circumstances, it is advised that you avoid approaching the homes of any elected officials. Please do not approach the home of Speaker Bonnen.

Please bring a friend for your own accountability and safety. Please abide by all state and local laws. Avoid any interactions with law enforcement, but should they occur, be prepared to record them and obey all law enforcement instructions.

Most importantly, remember to have fun partaking in this American tradition of free speech and issue advocacy! It’s the cornerstone of our Republic and one of the most effective way to support our Second Amendment rights.

Download the flyer here, and if you’re planning to canvass Speaker Bonnen’s district or your own neighborhood, please drop TXGR a line with your name and phone number here: so we can keep track of which areas are receiving flyers. We also welcome you to send any photos of your canvassing activities!

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