Cornyn-Murphy Gun Control Talking Points

Cornyn -Murphy Senate Gun Control Deal; Texas Gun Rights Position: Oppose

  • BANS gun possession based on juvenile records for all gun owners.
    • Section 12001

  • STRIPS gun rights for adults based on mental health care after the age of 16.
    • Section 12001(a)(1)(A)(ii)

  • Opens up decades-old juvenile records, dumps them into the NICS prohibited persons list, uses them to disqualify gun purchases for law-abiding adults.
    • Section 12001(a)(2); Division B, Title I

  • Makes it virtually impossible for 18-20-year-olds to purchase any firearm. Includes a 10-day waiting period.
    • Section 12001

  • Authorizes $750 million in federal funding for state “red flag” gun confiscation programs with NO due process protections.
    • 12003; Division B, Title I

  • $300 million to dump juvenile records into NICS and start reporting on them without due process.
    • Division B, Title I

  • STRIPS gun rights due to toxic dating relationships or bad breakups.
    • Section 12005

  • Could open the door for senior citizen gun bans via suspicious funding for the Medicare Improvement Fund.
    • Subtitle B, Section 13201

  • Opens up the floodgates for prosecution of law-abiding gun dealers.
    • Section 12004

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