Gun Control Group Launches Disgusting Ad

December 23, 2023 

Earlier this week, we saw a truly disgusting ad put out by some gun grabbers:
We’re not going to show it to you here because we don’t want to boost their views, but here’s the gist: a young girl falls into a pool, and her mom gets down on her knees to pray instead of jumping in the pool to save her. Then random people show up and say, “We’re sending you our thoughts and prayers,” while the girl drowns.
It ends by saying guns are the #1 killer of American children.
It’s despicable.
The sentiment is obvious: prayers don’t do anything, and if we could stop the death of our children by taking action, we should do that instead of praying.
First of all, I’d argue we should always pray before we undertake anything. But that’s not the point.
These PACs and gun control groups just want one thing: to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens. Because we’re the ones who are actually going to follow the laws in the first place!
A deranged lunatic doesn’t care what the laws are before he commits a heinous crime, he just acts.
But if the groups responsible for this ad have their way, the 2nd Amendment will be completely eroded for every law-abiding citizen. And Gun Control Inc. is planning to spend millions in the upcoming election to make sure they get their preferred guys into office.
That’s why we have to match them, punch for punch, dollar for dollar. We know our supporter base doesn’t have billions of dollars to protect our rights, but we do have thousands of members. If every person reading this email right now chipped in $25, we’d have enough money to go after every single cowardly Republican in the upcoming primary.
We know some of you can give even more than $25. We’d be grateful if you could give $50, $100, or even $500 for this fight.
We can’t stand passively by while the gun grabbers come for our rights. We must arm ourselves with wisdom and prayer before we fight and then stand up courageously when the attacks come.
And they are going to keep coming.
But we are grateful to be working and fighting with people like YOU every single day.
For Texas and Liberty,
Chris McNutt
President, Texas Gun Rights

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