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Gun Control Hearing Cancelled!

Gun Control Hearing Cancelled!

March 9, 2020

Because of mounting pressure from gun owners, and fear of the coronavirus, the hearing is postponed…for now.

It is critical you and I keep up the pressure on our lawmakers to make sure the hearing gets postponed indefinitely!

So please sign your No Gun Control Mandate to your lawmakers RIGHT AWAY.

Fellow Patriot, at the request of Governor Abbott, legislative committees have been hosting this “Gun Control Roadshow” in cities all across the state for the past six months.

But during an interview with Fox News, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick took it a step further by proposing new gun control:

“I don’t think we should have strangers selling to strangers. That’s a loophole we can close.”

— Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, Fox News 9/2/19

Patrick’s proposal, also known as Universal Gun Registration, would ban ALL private firearm sales between law-abiding Texans.

Forcing virtually every gun buyer to register in the Brady-NICS federal registry…and requiring all gun sales be pre-approved by the government.

This very proposal was one of President Obama’s gun control gems defeated by gun owners in 2013.

Put another way, Dan Patrick is joining the calls of gun control zealots to pass Obama-era Universal Gun Registration!

And it’s no coincidence Universal Gun Registration was the topic for consideration during the postponed hearing in Dan Patrick’s Senate.

Sadly, Dan Patrick’s Obama-era gun control received support from other top Republican officials…

Governor Abbott also proclaimed we should clamp down on private firearm sales last year — saying they are somehow akin to selling guns to terrorists.

As you can see, the stars are aligning for an anti-gun assault in the Texas Legislature…

Republican leadership wrongly believes caving to the Left will somehow keep Texas “red” come November.

They believe if they sacrifice their pro-gun principles, they will somehow woo centrist and left-leaning Texans to support them in the general election.

What they fail to understand is anti-gunners will NEVER support them. Period.

And they are only alienating their core base of support.

Pro-gun Texans won’t support Republicans if they can’t distinguish them from anti-gun Democrats.

It’s that simple.

After all, gun control is still gun control, no matter which party is pushing it.

But with a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor already showing signs of caving, I’m afraid of what may happen if you and I don’t act.

Especially if — God forbid — we experience another senseless tragedy.

So please sign your No Gun Control Mandate to your lawmakers RIGHT AWAY.

And if you want to double your pressure, call Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick to respectfully urge them to put an end to their “Gun Control Roadshow” once and for all.

Gov. Greg Abbott:     (512) 463-1782

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: (512) 463-5342

Your message can be as simple as:

“End the ‘Gun Control Roadshow’ and start standing up for pro-gun Texans by passing pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation!”

As law-abiding Texans, you and I know the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

So instead of continuing to punish law-abiding Texans for the actions of criminals and pure evil, our lawmakers should put an end to the “Gun Control Roadshow” and start proposing ways for more Texans to be their own first line of defense.

In fact, our lawmakers should lead the charge to make Texas the 16th Constitutional Carry state — allowing more law-abiding Texans to protect themselves and their loved ones!

After all, when every second count, the police are minutes away…

With your help, we can defeat all calls for gun control in Texas.

But if we let our guard down, legislation like Universal Gun Registration could soon become a reality, especially after receiving the blessing of our state’s top Republican lawmakers.

Thank you for your continued activism and support.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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