Help us STOP the Texas Gag Act (HB 1585)!

Fellow Patriot,

If the Austin political establishment has its way, this could be the last time you hear from me.

Under the guise of “Ethics Reform,” a majority of Texas House Republicans joined with anti-gun Democrats to silence the grassroots with HB 1585.

Better known as the Texas Gag Act, HB 1585 shreds First Amendment protected speech by suppressing our ability to hold elected officials accountable — and limit our freedom to engage in issue advocacy.

You can help us derail this assault on free speech in two ways:

  1. Call your State Senator and tell them to OPPOSE HB 1585, which silences the voices of grassroots activists: Click HERE to find your State Senator
  2. Sign your petition instructing your elected officials in Austin to STOP the Texas Gag Act.

On the surface, this bill may not sound like it has much to do with gun rights.

But this legislation could make it nearly impossible for groups like Texas Gun Rights to keep its members informed about politicians’ voting records.

If passed, the Texas Gag Act could force Texas Gun Rights to all but stop its most important programs by:

*** Effectively banning any mention of a politician’s name before a Primary or General Election, or during a legislative session.

That way anti-gun incumbents could coast to easy re-elections without ever being held accountable for their anti-gun records!

*** Forcing Texas Gun Rights to hand over the names, addresses, and employers of anyone who contributes to any TXGR effort.

This would open up many Second Amendment supporters to intimidation or WORSE from government officials seeking to silence their political enemies, resulting in a disastrous effect on all political speech.

This leaves patriots across Texas open to retribution, intimidation, and personal attacks from vengeful politicians and even from the “woke” cancel culture.

Rest assured, Texas Gun Rights would never, under any circumstance, roll over and give a heavy-handed government bureaucrat your personal information.

But I can’t say the same for any other grassroots organization or cause that you support.

That’s why I’ve got a team of lawyers ready to take the fight to the courts if the Texas Gag Act passes.

This fight isn’t just about TXGR, it’s about the right for you to hold your elected officials accountable, which is why we’re trying to avoid a costly legal battle and STOP the Texas Gag Act dead its tracks.

So call your State Senator and sign your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition RIGHT AWAY.

Leading the charge in the Texas House on this is Republican Rep. Charlie Geren — who authored the bill.

Geren, who already voted for a NICS Gun Ban Registry Expansion (HB 544) this session — had a host of bad votes on other conservative issues and doesn’t want to be held accountable for it… including his vote to allow anti-gun Democrats to chair vital committees in the Republican controlled legislature.

So if his Texas Gag Act bill becomes law, it would effectively help keep his and his colleagues’ bad voting records a secret by PROHIBITING Texas Gun Rights from talking about it.

And it just passed the Texas House of Representatives and is awaiting to be taken up in the Texas Senate!

Still not convinced this negatively affects you? Let me explain:

Currently, your donations to pro-liberty groups such as Texas Gun Rights remain private — as they should.

Considering most hard-working Texans simply do not have the time to go door knock, make phone calls, or engage in local activism, you can give to a group like TXGR to advocate on your behalf.

But if the Texas Gag Act becomes law, one day you may be called in to the boss’ office at work when suddenly you are notified your services are no longer needed there.

Did you violate any company policies? No.

Did you show up late or take too many sick days? No.

Did you fail to perform your job well? No.

However, the company’s “woke” higher-ups decided your politics are just a little too “extreme” for their taste and would rather you work somewhere else.

Even worse, as a gun owner, you may find yourself placed on any number of government watch lists or have a target on your back for simply supporting our Second Amendment rights.

All because your name appeared on a membership list.

With the hostility we see in today’s politics and cancel culture, these scenarios could easily become reality if the Texas Gag Act becomes law.

Right now, Texas Gun Rights takes the brunt of the attacks from angry pledge-breaking politicians.

But if they have their way, they could instead be coming after you.

Even if they pass the Texas Gag Act, TXGR will keep fighting for your rights.

However, it will cripple our efforts as we will be obligated to spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting it in in the courts, which would leave Texas ripe for the picking for anti-gun politicians.

That’s why the most efficient and effective way is to kill the Texas Gag Act in the Texas Senate.

By signing your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition, you can help STOP this draconian nightmare before it ever has a chance to see the inside of a courtroom.

Your signed petition makes it clear to your lawmakers that you are opposed to any legislation that would make it more difficult, or even illegal, for gun owners to hold them accountable.

We need all hands-on deck for this fight.

If you can afford it, a donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

But if giving isn’t in the cards for you right now, please sign your petition and forward this email to all your like-minded friends and family members.

Your First AND Second Amendment rights in Texas are at stake.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt


Texas Gun Rights

P.S. Under the guise of “Ethics Reform,” establishment Republicans are joining with anti-gun Democrats to silence the grassroots with an all-out push of the First Amendment-shredding Texas Gag Act.

If passed, Rep. Charlie Geren’s Texas Gag Act (HB 1585) would force pro-gun groups like Texas Gun Rights to hand over the personal information of their donors to the political class in Austin — or be prohibited from talking to voters about the voting records of their elected officials.

If they pull this off, it will cripple the efforts of grassroots groups across the state, rendering Texas ripe for the picking for anti-gun politicians.

Sign your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition immediately and include a generous donation of $5, $25, or $50 to help us stop this draconian legislation in its tracks.

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