National Association for Gun Rights joins Texas Gun Rights in calling on Governor Abbott to act on Constitutional Carry

National Association for Gun Rights joins Texas Gun Rights in calling on Governor Abbott to act on Constitutional Carry

February 4, 2019

Dallas, TX – The National Association for Gun Rights recently joined Texas Gun Rights in an effort to get a recorded vote on Constitutional Carry legislation during Texas’ 2019 Legislative Session.

“I am excited to have the President of our national affiliate, the National Association for Gun Rights, encouraging Governor Greg Abbott to support House Bill 357,” stated Chris McNutt, Executive Director of Texas Gun Rights.

NAGR President, Dudley Brown, recently penned an open letter to the Texas Governor asking him to “lead from the front” by supporting HB 357, the 2019 Constitutional Carry bill introduced by State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford).

In his letter, Brown offers the Governor a way to redeem himself after briefly considering “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders over the summer.

“Constitutional Carry is a winning issue and has quickly become the new norm of the gun rights movement. It is no longer enough to support modest pro-gun reforms, rather gun owners expect Constitutional Carry and nothing less,” said Brown.

Texas Gun Rights has been leading the charge to pass Constitutional Carry in the State of Texas since 2015. But in both of the previous legislative sessions, establishment Republicans refused to allow the bill to come up for a vote. TXGR is optimistic for the chance of a vote in 2019.

“We have more politicians on the record in support of Constitutional Carry than ever before, and Governor Abbott is in a unique position to spearhead the passage of it.” McNutt said.

If passed, Texas would follow the footsteps of South Dakota, where Republican Governor Kristi Noem recently signed their state’s Constitutional Carry bill into law. After the bill received Noem’s signature, South Dakota became the 13th Constitutional Carry state in the country.


To read Dudley’s letter to the governor, click here.

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