Runoff Race of the Week – Hopper vs Stucky

March 28, 2024

Last week, we profiled the race in House District 21, where challenger David Covey is squaring off against anti-gun Speaker of the Texas House, Dade Phelan. 

Now, we are moving north to Texas House District 64, where Andy Hopper is taking on Lynn Stucky. 

In recent years, Texas Representative Lynn Stucky has presented himself as a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights. However, his voting record tells a different story. Stucky’s actions in the state legislature have consistently undermined gun rights and left Texans vulnerable to the encroachment of unconstitutional gun control measures.

Stucky’s support for for SB 728, effectively enabling the insertion of Thich codified parts of Joe Biden and John Cornyn’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, stands in direct contradiction to his supposed commitment to gun rights. By aligning himself with this legislation, Stucky facilitated the implementation of policies that erode the Second Amendment freedoms of Texans by funneling more Texans into the massively flawed NICS gun ban database. Despite co-authoring Texas’ “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law in 2021, which was meant to prevent Biden gun control from coming to Texas, Stucky gave Biden what he wanted anyway!

Furthermore, Stucky’s voting history reveals a pattern of watering down pro-gun initiatives. He opposed Constitutional Carry on college campuses, denied expansion of Constitutional Carry to all legal adults, and rejected Constitutional Carry on lands managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority. These actions not only hindered efforts to expand gun rights but also contributed to the creation of a convoluted patchwork of gun laws that confuse law-abiding gun owners.

Moreover, Stucky’s endorsement of the Texas Gag Act, aimed at silencing grassroots organizations like Texas Gun Rights, further underscores his betrayal of conservative values. By voting to suppress free speech and shield his anti-gun record from public scrutiny, Stucky has revealed his true allegiance to partisan interests rather than the constitutional rights of his constituents.

Additionally, Stucky even voted to impeach America’s most pro-gun Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

Texans deserve representatives who will unwaveringly defend their Second Amendment rights. Stucky’s track record of anti-gun votes and alliances with anti-gun Democrats make it clear that he is not the advocate Texans need in their corner. It’s time for voters to hold Stucky accountable for his betrayal and demand true champions of gun rights to represent their interests in Austin.

Luckily for pro-gun Texans, Stucky is in a contentious runoff he might not be able to make through. One of his opponent’s top issues is defending the Second Amendment. 

You can read the strong positions Andy Hopper has on defending our Second Amendment rights here. Not only that, Hopper pledged his unwavering commitment to protecting your rights by returning his Texas Gun Rights candidate survey 100% pro-gun.

Texas needs more leaders dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment. That’s why the Texas Gun Right PAC was proud to endorse Andy Hopper, and we wish him the best in May!

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