Setting the Stage for 2024 Elections

December 15, 2023

Texas Gun Rights (TXGR) is making strategic moves for the 2024 election cycle. In fact, TXGR is planning to spend more than we have ever spent in a Republican Primary before! Our plans focus on incumbents who voted against gun rights during the 2023 legislative session.

Public Awareness Campaigns

TXGR has already taken significant steps to hold anti-gun politicians accountable. We launched a billboard campaign in State Representative Glenn Rogers’ district and introduced, exposing Rogers’ anti-gun voting record.

This initiative is just a preview for what TXGR hopes to replicate across the state. In addition to billboards, TXGR is also planning to deploy a range of media, including TV and radio commercials, over-the-top ads, direct mail, text messages, and email campaigns, ensuring that gun rights remain a central issue of political discussions leading up to November.

Counteracting National Anti-Gun Forces

The urgency of TXGR’s efforts is amplified by the intensified focus of national figures like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros on Texas politics.

Following their success in turning Virginia blue, these influential figures are doubling down on Texas. The Giffords Gun Control group, supported by their funding, is actively hiring highly-paid staff in Texas, signaling a major continued push for gun control in the state.

Democratic Strategy in Texas

Democrats, drawing inspiration from the 2018 “Beto wave,” are rallying behind Congressman Colin Allred and State Senator Roland Gutierrez, both of whom are championing strict gun control measures in their campaigns against Ted Cruz.

This strategy, which saw several legislative seats turn blue in 2018 despite O’Rourke’s loss, poses a significant challenge to Texas’ pro-gun stance.

Mobilizing for Gun Rights

TXGR’s mobilization efforts over the next year will be critical in ensuring that Texas remains a stronghold for gun rights — by ensuring gun rights remains a top priority for state legislators heading into future legislative sessions. 

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