Tell Gov. Abbott to veto gun control spending spree!

Tell Gov. Abbott to veto gun control spending spree!

May 28, 2019,

Time is of the essence so let me get straight to the point:

Gun control funding was added to the state budget and is on its way to the Governor’s desk for his signature!

Please call Governor Greg Abbott at (512) 463-1782 and respectfully urge him to VETO gun control funding in HB 1.

Your message can be as simple as:

Please use your line-item veto to REMOVE funding for the firearms storage program from the Texas state budget. Texas Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions.

Firearms safety is of the utmost importance.

In fact, I would NEVER encourage anyone to carry a firearm that they aren’t intimately familiar with.

Sadly, the gun control lobby has encouraged Texas legislators to take things a step too far under the guise of firearms “safety.”

To buy anti-gun Democrat votes, Speaker Bonnen slipped a $1 million spending spree for the promotion of “safe” gun storage in the states’ massive 950 page budget bill (HB 1).

Simply put, Texas politicians are using YOUR tax dollars to promote more failed gun control policies.

And this policy comes at high praise from Texas gun control advocates like Texas Gun Sense.

But according to Dr. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center, firearm storage requirements effectively disarm citizens in a time of urgency.

Not only that, Lott’s study in the Journal of Law and Economics shows that there were 300 more total murders and 4,000 more rapes occurring each year in the states that mandated firearms storage.

So please call Governor Abbott at (512) 463-1782 and respectfully urge him to VETO the gun control spending spree at once.

After that, please sign your No Gun Control Mandate to Governor Abbott and consider a $35 contribution to TXGR.

With your help, gun control can be defeated once again!

Thank you for all you do.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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