Texas Gun Rights intention to litigate Texas Gag Act (HB 1585)

May 15, 2023

Fellow Patriot,

If the gun-grabbing politicians in Austin can’t beat us politically, they’re ready to resort to harassment and legal intimidation.

Texas Rights’ incredible effectiveness at fighting for pro-Second Amendment legislation has made shutting us down a priority for the Austin political establishment.

In fact, the Texas Gag Act (HB 1585) is aimed at SHUTTING down groups like TXGR — by prohibiting us from informing you of your politicians’ voting record.

The only workaround: reveal donor information to the government, which will be made publicly available for the world to see.

Should the dangerous Texas Gag Act become law, you can bet that Texas Gun Rights will fight tooth-and-nail to keep from having to turn over your private information.

In order to be prepared with the most effective defense possible, Texas Gun Rights President Chris McNutt has been advised to request Texas Gun Rights members, like you, to certify their opposition to the Texas Gag Act.

I have also sent a sternly-worded letter to Texas Senators on the State Affairs committee as a “shot across the bow” to let them know we will pursue legal action should they plow ahead with their dystopian plans.

Please sign your Stop the Texas Gag Act petition so we can prevent this attack on the First Amendment from ever seeing the light of day.

Rest assured, your petition will not make you liable for any further action, or put you in any danger of political retribution.

It will, however, assist Texas Gun Rights in fighting against gun control groups and their allies in the state government.

Please read the email below for more information.


 CJ Grisham, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Texas Gun Rights

 This correspondence is not intended as attorney advertising or solicitation. It is not offered as legal advice, and it does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, an attorney-client relationship. For Identification Purposes Only.

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