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Time is running out! Tell them to pass it!

Time is running out! Tell them to pass it!

May 20, 2021

The clock is ticking.

It has been two weeks since the Texas Senate passed Constitutional Carry House Bill 1927 with ill-advised amendments passed down from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

Now, Constitutional Carry appears to be stuck in conference committee — with the House and Senate seemingly unwilling to work out their differences with the bill after sitting on it for an entire week.

With the May 28th deadline rapidly approaching, it is critical legislative leadership hear from you RIGHT AWAY!

Please call the numbers below and tell them to work with Rep. Schaefer to send Constitutional Carry to Governor Abbott’s desk. No excuses. No delays!

*** Lt. Gov. Patrick: (512) 463-0001
*** Speaker Dade Phelan: (512) 463-1000
*** Senator Schwertner: (512) 463-0105

House Bill 1927 was a good bill when it passed out of the Texas House of Representatives.

But just as we warned, Lt. Gov. Patrick and squishy Republican Senators caved to liberal interests, such as big-city police chiefs and union brass to water down the bill with amendments.

Lt. Col. Allen West said it best: “if it weren’t for Lt. Gov. Patrick’s amendments, this bill would already be on its way to Governor Abbott’s desk instead of having to go to conference committee.”

After making it this far in the legislative process, we must not allow Lt. Governor Patrick and the Texas Senate to run out the clock on this critical legislation.

Remember, 7 Democrats crossed party lines to support Constitutional Carry in the Texas House.

There is NO REASON a Republican-majority Senate should NOT get this bill to Governor Abbott’s desk.

They either support the Second Amendment, or they don’t.

For years, Texas has talked the talk on gun rights, but with your help, Texas is poised to walk the walk.

So please call the phone numbers listed above TODAY.

It’s long past time for Texas to stand up for our God-given rights.

Texas has fallen behind 20 other states when it comes to Constitutional Carry.

U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21) hit the nail on the head when he said,

“The state represented by Bernie Sanders recognizes Constitutional Carry of firearms. Texas is MIA. The Texas Legislature should prove it is not ‘all hat and no cattle’ when it comes to our God-given rights.”

That’s right, even the liberal state of Vermont recognizes the right of the people to carry a firearm without a ridiculous government permission slip.

It’s time for Texas to start leading and stop playing “follow the leader.”

It is simply unacceptable to wait another second.

So the question legislators must answer now is: will they be loyal to Lt. Gov. Patrick and the anti-gun establishment, or will they be faithful to gun owners and the Second Amendment?

No matter where you are, I need you to stop what you’re doing and call the politicians listed above IMMEDIATELY.

Right now, the Texas Gun Rights call center is burning up phone lines, connecting constituents to their elected officials, encouraging them to get Constitutional Carry to the Governor’s desk RIGHT AWAY.

We’re running digital ads, deploying text messages to pro-gun Texans, and even speaking to grassroots activists in meetings in key Senate Districts, letting them know EXACTLY where their politicians stand on Constitutional Carry.

Let’s finish the fight!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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