Triumphs in Court and Legislature in 2023

December 27, 2023 

It has been a landmark year for Texas Gun Rights, marked by major legal and legislative victories. In a significant courtroom success, TXGR secured preliminary injunctions in two lawsuits against the ATF, challenging overreaching firearm regulations. This legal achievement underscores TXGR’s commitment to protecting gun owners’ rights at the federal level.

In the Texas Legislature, pivotal bills like HB 1760, HB 2837, and HB 3137 passed, bolstering Second Amendment rights in the state. HB 1760 reined in the misuse of “gun-free” zones, while HB 2837 and HB 3137 respectively ensured financial privacy for gun owners and strengthened firearms preemption laws. These legislative victories represent a significant step forward in safeguarding the rights of gun owners in Texas.

Despite these successes, TXGR faced a setback with the passage of SB 728, which aligns Texas closer to universal gun registration. Recognizing this as a temporary loss, TXGR is gearing up for a robust advocacy program in the 2024 Republican primary, aimed at exposing the voting records of politicians who supported SB 728.

In addition to these efforts, TXGR defeated nearly two hundred gun control bills proposed during the session, marking a record-high number of thwarted gun control measures. This achievement highlights TXGR’s relentless defense against any legislation that threatens Second Amendment rights.

Looking ahead, TXGR remains unwavering in its mission to ban red flag laws in Texas and to expand Constitutional Carry for more Texans. The organization continues to stand at the forefront of the fight for gun rights, ready to tackle new challenges and ensure that Texas remains a stronghold for the Second Amendment.

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