2024 TXGR PAC Republican Primary Endorsements

2024 TXGR PAC Republican Primary Endorsements

Texas Gun Rights loves holding gun grabbing liberals accountable.

But our work is even more important when the gun grabbing liberals are so-called “Republicans” selling gun owners out.

That’s why we’re excited to say it’s officially Primary season in Texas! 

On March 5th, it’s Republicans vs. Republicans, and we are fully bought in to making sure that the Republicans that voted with Democrats and other establishment Republicans to support anti-2A bills – or to weaken/kill pro-2A bills – are held accountable for their actions.

Additionally, Texas Gun Rights PAC (TXGR PAC) is endorsing several candidates who pledged their unwavering support for gun rights, so gun owners know EXACTLY who they should support. You can see our endorsements below (list will be updated regularly):

*= Incumbent 

Brent Money, State Representative, HD-2

Tom Glass, State Representative, HD-17

Kyle Biedermann, State Representative, HD-19

Matt Morgan, State Representative, HD-26

Katrina Pierson, State Representative, HD-33

Wes Virdell, State Representative, HD 53

Mike Olcott, State Representative, HD-60

Andy Hopper, State Representative, HD-64

Mitch Little, State Representative, HD-65

Andy Hopper, State Representative, HD-64

Wayne Richard, State Representative, HD 66

Abraham George, State Representative, HD-89

David Lowe, State Representative, HD-91

Nate Schatzline*, State Representative, HD-93

Tony Tinderholt*, State Representative, HD-94

Barry Wernick, State Representative, HD-108

Briscoe Cain*, State Representative, HD-128

John Perez, State Representative, HD-133

Michelle Evans, Williamson County GOP Chair, Williamson County

Brandon Hererra, US Congress, CD-23

Julie Clark, US Congress, CD-23

Stay tuned to hear about how we’re targeting some of the worst “Republicans” that teamed up with party leadership and the Democrats to try and ship your gun rights down the river.

If you or someone you know are running for legislative office, print and fill out our survey here.

TXGR PAC Survey Background Briefing.

Reminder: Early voting begins February 20, and election day is March 5.

Keep an eye out for future TXGR PAC endorsements and happy RINO hunting!

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