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We MUST defeat the Austin swamp!

We MUST defeat the Austin swamp!

May 14, 2021

Constitutional Carry House Bill 1927 was moved to a conference committee made up of members of the Texas House and Senate.

With the legislative session ending THIS MONTH, I need you to contact the conference committee RIGHT AWAY.

Click here to contact the committee.

If that link doesn’t work on your computer, you may send the email yourself:


Your message can be as simple as:

I am a proud Texas Gun Rights supporter and I want Constitutional Carry HB 1927 sent to Governor Abbott’s desk without compromises or delays!

If we do not stay vigilant, Constitutional Carry could die in one of two ways:

They could water down HB 1927 with anti-gun changes to the point that it is not even true Constitutional Carry anymore.

This is always a danger in conference committees like this one, which is reportedly going to be a “closed door” meeting.

Any changes to HB 1927 that prevents lawful gun owners from exercising their right to bear arms without a government permission slip is not acceptable.

The second way they could kill HB 1927 — and this is the biggest threat — is by simply running out the clock.

The Texas Legislative Session ends this month.

If the legislators on this committee do not act NOW, we may have to come back in two years to start the fight all over again.

Don’t let them play waiting games anymore.

They have been playing these same games all session and your efforts keep beating them back.

Just last month, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick claimed that Constitutional Carry “didn’t have the votes.”

After that, he tried distracting gun owners with a fake Constitutional Carry bill being filed in the Senate — instead of taking up the House version — which would’ve started the entire process all over.

Thanks to the work of gun owners like you, this plot was exposed and Dan Patrick sent HB 1927 to committee and then to the Senate floor.

Of course, Patrick’s shenanigans weren’t done yet.

Through Senator Schwertner, Dan Patrick added several amendments to Constitutional Carry — amendments he was warned could allow opponents to kill the bill in the Texas House on a technicality.

But he did it anyway.

Once HB 1927 cleared the Senate, bogged down with bogus amendments, the Texas House had to fight off a dangerous Point of Order from the Democrats, and now it rests in the hands of the conference committee.

That’s why it’s critical you contact the conference committee today.

Lt. Col. Allen West said it best: “if it weren’t for Lt. Governor Patrick’s poison pill amendments, this bill would already be on its way to Governor Abbott’s desk instead of having to go to conference.”

So the question legislators have to answer now is: will they be loyal to Dan Patrick and the anti-gun establishment, or will they be faithful to gun owners and the Second Amendment?

In this late stage of the fight, it is crucial we do not run out of resources to mobilize more pro-gun Texans.

Your pressure is working, and I am proud to stand with gun owners like you who refuse to give up.

For Liberty,

Bethany Young
Legislative Director
Texas Gun Rights

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