We Still Need You in The Fight!

We Still Need You in The Fight!

April 15, 2020


That’s how much Michael Bloomberg-funded “Everytown for Gun Control” is spending to try and buy control of the Texas Legislature in 2020.

That’s on top of the millions already being spent by George Soros, the Giffords gun control group, and other out-of-staters.

In fact, anti-gun Democrats are projected to spend over $200 million trying to flip Texas “blue.”

I’ll be honest, Patriot. I’m worried.

We already saw what happened after the Gun Control Lobby unleashed a firestorm of spending to buy control of the Virginia Legislature.

In a matter of months, a smorgasbord of gun control was sent to the Governor’s desk and signed into law.

If we don’t double down on our efforts to fight back, Texas could go the way of Virginia come November.

But after launching an aggressive “Election Accountability” program during the primaries — exposing candidates who refused to take a bold stance against radical gun control — I’m afraid our resources are running low.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll help me rebuild our war chest for November by making your most generous contribution to Texas Gun Rights today!

Let’s face facts: there are only 9 seats needed for anti-gun Democrats to take control of the Texas House of Representatives.

They are targeting 20 House districts to help them reach that goal.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is going all out to identify candidates who will defend your Second Amendment…and expose those who are seeking to gut it!

And I have good news: we’ve already made tremendous progress during the recent primary elections.

Thanks to your efforts, nine new candidates returned their Texas Gun Rights Candidate Surveys 100% pro-gun!

After blanketing Texas House districts with thousands of pieces of mail, sending tens of thousands of emails, and launching targeted online ad campaigns, candidates across the state went on the record opposing Bloomberg’s radical gun control agenda.

Giving pro-gun Texans the best chance to beat gun-grabbing candidates in November.

But gun owners must remain active leading up to the general election.

Because the success we’ve seen could be completely wiped out without the necessary resources needed to take the fight to Bloomberg and his cronies.

That’s why I’m counting on you to help me rebuild our war chest by making your most generous contribution to Texas Gun Rights.

Your generous contribution will give TXGR the critical resources needed to strike back at the heart of the Gun Control Lobby.

With nine new candidates now on record supporting your right to keep and bear arms, we will have the best chance at keeping Texas a pro-gun state.

On top of that, these victories give us stronger numbers to continue fighting for vital pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation in Austin next year.

Constitutional Carry is a simple idea that if a citizen is able to legally obtain and possess a gun they should be able to carry that gun as they see fit — without paying expensive fees for a government-issued permission slip.

Pushing this pro-gun policy at the capitol is the best way to keep gun-grabbers on their heels — by forcing them to go on defense.

That’s why your help is critical to rebuilding our war chest for November by making your most generous contribution to Texas Gun Rights today!

We clearly have the momentum on our side, but we can’t back down, and we must begin rebuilding our war chest now — before it’s too late.

It’s going to be up to you and me to make sure pro-gun Texans across the state are armed with the facts needed to hold anti-gun candidates accountable in 2020.

Unlike the Left, we can’t depend on the Fake News media to look out for the best interest of Texans.

They are funded by Bloomberg’s millions and have become nothing more than the public relations wing of anti-gun Democrats.

So please make your most generous contribution of $100 to help Texas Gun Rights rebuild its war chest for November.

We must come together now so we can counter the anti-gun onslaught we are facing in 2020.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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