Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Acquittal: A Win for Second Amendment and Gun Rights in Texas

September 20, 2023

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recent acquittal on all charges is a significant victory for Second Amendment and gun rights advocates in Texas.

Paxton’s steadfast commitment to upholding the Second Amendment has been a defining aspect of his political career to date and his time as Attorney General. He has consistently fought to protect and expand the rights of law-abiding gun owners, recognizing the importance of this constitutional right in our state.

One notable achievement is Paxton’s lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) over their unconstitutional Pistol Brace Ban. His willingness to challenge the ATF head-on showcases his dedication to defending the rights of gun owners in Texas. Additionally, he has challenged the ATF’s attempted regulation of “Made In Texas” suppressors, demonstrating his commitment to upholding the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

The efforts of Texas Gun Rights (TXGR) in support of Attorney General Paxton have been pivotal. Through grassroots mobilization and outreach, TXGR has rallied thousands of gun rights supporters across Texas to hold gun grabbing politicians accountable.

The overwhelming support for our shared cause—defending the Second Amendment—underscores the importance of Paxton’s leadership in safeguarding our constitutional rights.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, praised Paxton’s commitment to defending gun rights in Texas, saying, “Attorney General Paxton has been a steadfast defender of our Second Amendment rights. His actions have shown that he is willing to take on any challenge to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Texas. We are proud to stand with him in this critical fight.”

Attorney General Paxton’s relentless efforts have not gone unnoticed. His dedication to protecting Second Amendment rights made him a target of those who seek to undermine these fundamental freedoms. The recent acquittal serves as a reminder of the importance of having strong pro-Second Amendment champions like Paxton in office.

Attorney General Paxton’s acquittal is a significant victory for Second Amendment and gun rights advocates across Texas. Let us celebrate this triumph and recommit ourselves to defending and preserving the rights that make Texas a beacon of freedom for all Americans.

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