Bagged and Tagged: Jacey Jetton

March 28, 2024

Gun owners in the Houston area are celebrating a tremendous victory after they successfully “bagged and tagged” a trophy RINO (Republican In Name Only) during the HD 26 primary election.

Former State Representative Jacey Jetton officially lost his bid for re-election, marking a huge victory for Second Amendment rights. While Jetton claimed to be pro-gun, his record tells a different story.

During his time in office, Jetton supported measures that aligned with Biden’s gun control initiatives, betraying the trust of gun owners in his district. He voted in favor of SB 728, which mirrored parts of Biden’s gun control law by transferring Texans’ records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry. Instead of standing up for Texas’ Second Amendment Sanctuary law, Jetton chose to comply with federal overreach.

Furthermore, Jetton’s actions spoke louder than his words when he voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, one of the most pro-gun figures in America. While pro-gun reforms like the Second Amendment Preservation Act languished, Jetton prioritized a baseless impeachment effort against Paxton.

Adding insult to injury, Jetton supported the Texas Gag Act, a blatant attack on free speech and grassroots advocacy. This legislation would have forced groups like Texas Gun Rights to disclose membership records and donors simply for discussing politicians’ voting records. Thankfully, the Texas Senate rejected this assault on First Amendment rights, but Jetton’s support for such measures revealed his disregard for the constitutional freedoms of Texans.

Texans have spoken loud and clear by rejecting Jacey Jetton at the polls. It’s time for elected officials to listen to their constituents and prioritize defending Second Amendment rights over partisan agendas.

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