Joe Biden Reveals Anti-Gun Second Term Agenda

May 10, 2024 

As if Biden couldn’t get any more out of touch, he recently stated on the “SmartLess” podcast that he intended to “do something about gun violence in this country”. (This is kind of an ironic name considering the fact that the three hosts agreed that “gun violence” was the biggest issue in the country). 

Up until this point, Joe has in fact, taken significant strides to something about gun violence – by working to strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights.  

Throughout his presidency, Biden has aggressively pursued measures that undermine the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. His push for Universal Gun Registration and the closure of the so-called “gun show loophole” have only served to infringe upon these rights. Tragically, these efforts have led to disastrous consequences, such as the recent fatal shooting of a man in Arkansas during a botched ATF raid.

He also allowed Kamala Harris to create a National Gun Confiscation Resource Center and championed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which infringes on our Second Amendment rights. 

Biden continued on to say, “The idea that we allow assault weapons to be sold with magazines with 100 rounds is just bizarre,” and cited his past law school teaching experience as a reason to justify that the “2nd Amendment wasn’t absolute.”

Biden’s recent remarks on the “SmartLess” podcast emphasize his disregard for the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens. Despite claiming to address gun violence, his actions speak louder than words. The administration’s relentless pursuit of restrictive measures that undermine Second Amendment protections only exacerbates the problem. Biden’s attempt to justify his stance by questioning the absoluteness of the Second Amendment is both misguided and alarming. 

The Right to Bear Arms Should Be Universal

May 3, 2024

In light of escalating gang violence in regions like Port-au-Prince, Haiti, it becomes increasingly evident why the Second Amendment is crucial for Americans – and why other countries need a Second Amendment of their own. Many Haitian citizens are fleeing the country. However, they should have the right to defend themselves against criminal elements, including cartels.

Here in America, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, providing citizens with a means to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. In Texas, where border security is a significant concern due to the influence of cartels, preserving this fundamental right is paramount.

Gang violence, akin to what is witnessed in Haiti, poses a serious threat to public safety. Criminal organizations often operate with impunity, terrorizing communities and undermining law enforcement efforts. Law-abiding citizens must have the means to defend themselves effectively so that they can safeguard their lives, protect their families, and preserve their communities from the tyranny of criminal elements.

Texans understand the value of self-reliance and the importance of safeguarding their liberties. The Second Amendment serves as a crucial deterrent against criminal elements, ensuring that individuals have the ability to resist tyranny and protect their lives and property.

Efforts to erode Second Amendment rights undermine Texans’ ability to defend themselves against cartels and other criminal organizations. Any attempt to restrict access to firearms only emboldens criminals and leaves law-abiding citizens vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

As responsible gun owners, Texans recognize the importance of training, education, and adherence to firearm safety measures. By upholding the Second Amendment, Texans can stand prepared to confront threats to their safety and preserve the peace and security of their communities.

The recent surge in gang violence in places like Port-au-Prince highlights the critical role of the Second Amendment in protecting Texans from similar threats. Upholding this constitutional right ensures that citizens have the tools necessary to defend themselves against cartels and other criminal elements. 



Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Biden’s ATF over Private Firearm Sales Rule

May 2, 2024 

In April, Texas Gun Rights brought you the news that the Biden administration had finalized a 450-page rule through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that aimed to redefine the parameters of firearm dealers, thereby expanding the scope of Universal Gun Registration. This contentious regulation, championed by President Biden, is an infringement on constitutional rights and for its circumvention of the legislative process.

Under this new rule, private individuals who occasionally sell firearms, such as to a friend or family member, could be subjected to stringent federal firearms licensing requirements. This expansion of what constitutes a firearm dealer would effectively transform law-abiding citizens into unwitting criminals for simply exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Regulations like this not only encroach upon individual liberties but also represent a flagrant violation of constitutional rights. The Second Amendment explicitly guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This has always meant that Americans have a right to sell and purchase firearms free of big government regulation. 

Yet this ATF rule effectively imposes burdensome restrictions that undermine this fundamental right. By broadening the definition of firearm dealers, the Biden administration is effectively circumventing Congress and imposing its agenda through executive action, a move that many view as an affront to the democratic process.

Furthermore, this rule is based on misleading rhetoric, particularly the notion of closing the “gun show loophole.” This term, often invoked by anti-gun activists, oversimplifies the complexities of firearm transactions and serves as a pretext for implementing broader gun control measures. By conflating private transactions with commercial activities, the ATF rule perpetuates a false narrative that undermines the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

The unconstitutional nature of this rule has galvanized opposition from states like Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Utah, which have joined forces in mounting a legal challenge against the ATF. Led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, this coalition of states is pushing back against what they view as federal overreach and is seeking to uphold the sanctity of the Second Amendment.

In addition to leading this charge against the Biden ATF, Attorney General Ken Paxton has vowed to hold the federal agency accountable for any additional unconstitutional actions. Paxton’s pledge to sue the ATF every time it acts unconstitutionally demonstrates his dedication to upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of Texans. By adopting this proactive approach, Paxton aims to ensure that the ATF adheres to its mandated role and respects the constitutional liberties enshrined in the Second Amendment. His steadfast stance underscores the crucial role of state attorneys general in safeguarding individual freedoms and preserving the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.

As this legal battle unfolds, the outcome will have far-reaching implications for the future of gun rights in America. In the meantime, Texas Gun Rights is mobilizing our supporters to fight back against this overreach. Sign our petition to demand your congressman stand up for your Second Amendment rights and support H.R. 6734 to overturn this draconian and unconstitutional Biden-ATF gun registration scheme. 

Runoff Race of the Week: Kerwin vs. Burns

April 26, 2024 

Representative Burns’ recent voting record reveals a troubling trend of undermining Second Amendment freedoms and eroding the rights of law-abiding citizens.

In 2015, Burns voted in favor of SB 11 (2015/84R), Amendment 1 (Zerwas), which expanded gun-free zones on college campuses, effectively restricting the ability of individuals to protect themselves in vulnerable situations.

Moreover, Burns continued this pattern in 2021 by opposing crucial pro-gun Amendments to strengthen the Constitutional Carry Bill (HB 1927), such as Amendment 6 (Cason), which sought to extend constitutional carry to 18-20 year olds. 

By denying this age group their right to bear arms, Burns demonstrated a disregard for the principles of the Second Amendment.

Additionally, Burns voted against Amendment 21 (Biedermann), which aimed to allow constitutional carry on college campuses, further limiting the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional rights.

Furthermore, Burns supported SB 728 (2023/88R), which codified parts of Joe Biden’s gun control agenda by expanding the NICS Gun Ban Registry. Of course Burns also voted to impeach America’s most pro-gun Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

To top it off, he voted to prohibit groups like Texas Gun Rights from talking about the voting records of politicians in an attempt to hide his bad votes from constituents!

These actions by Representative Burns highlight a concerning pattern of prioritizing restrictive gun policies over the rights of law-abiding citizens. It is essential for constituents to hold elected officials accountable and demand respect for the Second Amendment and the liberties it protects.

If you live in this district, call Dewayne Burns at (817) 645-3685 and tell him to start standing up for the Second Amendment!

Thankfully for gun owners, Burns’ opponent in the upcoming May 28th runoff, Helen Kerwin, has pledged her unwavering commitment to gun owners by returning her Texas Gun Rights Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun.

With her survey return, she pledged to oppose Biden’s radical gun control agenda, including Universal Gun Registration, “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and any type of firearms bans. 

Even better, she pledged to support policies to expand Constitutional Carry for all legal adults, and pledged to fight to eliminate dangerous “gun free” criminal safety zones.

Kerwin’s campaign shows a clear contrast for gun owners in Texas House District 58.

ATF Kills Arkansas Man in Botched Raid

April 25, 2024 

In the early hours of March 19th, the ATF barged into Bryan Malinowski’s home in West Little Rock, Arkansas. Video evidence shows the agents, armed and donning full tactical gear, arriving at the Arkansan’s home in 10 separate vehicles. After rushing up the driveway, their first move was to cover up the home’s security camera with a piece of tape.

This occurred after the ATF surveilled Malinowski for several days. In a statement released by his family, Bryan’s wife, Maer, expressed her belief that intruders were breaking into her home, unaware that they were government agents.

In an act of self-defense amidst uncertainty, Malinowski grabbed his pistol and walked out of his bedroom to confront the ATF agents, whom he likely perceived as a threat to his family. He fired three shots towards the agents’ feet before being lethally shot in the head. To make matters worse, the ATF ensured their tracks were covered by not using body cams during the raid. 

The Malinowski family lost Bryan because the ATF suspected he was participating in selling firearms at gun shows without a federal firearms license. However, in Arkansas and Texas, it is legal for Americans to sell guns without an FFL or conducting a background check. Nevertheless, once the ATF deems someone to have crossed a subjective line, they can quickly turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

Bryan’s attorney noted that if found guilty, the punishment would have likely been less than a prison sentence, probation, or a pre-trial diversion.

Wives will lose their husbands, children will lose their fathers, and parents will lose their sons if the ATF is not held accountable for this death and countless others.

Texas Gun Rights is dedicated to bringing you stories like these so you can join us in our mission to defend Texans’ Second Amendment rights from tyrants.  Sign our petition to abolish the ATF here!

Tennessee Passes Law Banning Local Red Flag Laws

April 19, 2024 

With local elections coming up here in Texas on May 4th, it’s important for gun owners to remember how local government can affect them. This is on full display in Tennessee, where the state Senate just passed a bill to ban local governments from imposing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO’s), or better known as Red Flag gun confiscation laws. 

Red flag laws turn everyday Americans into criminals without any evidence when someone reports them for being a threat to themselves or others. If this law passes in Tennessee, every single city and government agency in the state would be prohibited from implementing ERPOs on their communities. 

This move highlights the significant impact that state legislation can have on local gun policies, underscoring the importance of paying attention to both state and local elections for gun owners.

In Texas, a bill to do the same thing was killed when RINO’s Justin Holland and Sam Harless walked out of the committee vote last session – empowering anti-gun Democrats to kill the bill. Red Flag laws have no place in Texas. That’s why TXGR will be working with Representative Briscoe Cain once again to try and ban them next session. 

This is why gun owners should be mindful of ALL candidates’ stances on gun rights and their commitment to upholding the Second Amendment. While Texas state law generally preempts local governments from passing their own gun control measures, local officials still wield influence over issues like zoning regulations for shooting ranges and firearm sales, as well as law enforcement policies related to gun ownership.

Moreover, local governments serve as crucial platforms for advocacy and representation. By engaging with local officials, gun owners can ensure that their voices are heard in shaping policies that impact their rights and safety. Whether through attending city council meetings, participating in grassroots campaigns, or supporting candidates who prioritize Second Amendment rights, gun owners can actively contribute to the political process at the local level.

As the Tennessee example demonstrates, the decisions made by local governments can have far-reaching implications for gun owners’ rights and freedoms. By staying informed, engaged, and active in local politics, gun owners can help shape policies that uphold their Second Amendment rights while promoting public safety and well-being. With local elections just around the corner, now is the time for gun owners in Texas to make their voices heard and ensure that their interests are represented at the local level.

The ATF’s Newest Scheme Against Gun Owners

April 15, 2024

The Biden administration is doubling down on its plan to implement Universal Gun Registration by using the ATF to change the definition of what it means to be a “dealer” in firearms.

We’ve been talking to you about this for months, but the new 450-page rule has now been finalized and published!

This sweeping change aims to close the so-called “gun show loophole,” a misleading term used by anti-gun activists to push their radical agenda.

Under this new rule, even private individuals who sell just ONE firearm—perhaps to a friend or family member—could be required to obtain a federal firearms license (FFL).

How absurd!

This overreaching rule could turn ordinary Texans into criminals for simply exercising their constitutional rights.

Patriot, the Biden admin is using the ATF to bypass Congress and enforce gun control measures that have failed to pass through the legislative process.

It’s a backdoor attempt to impose Universal Gun Registration under the guise of universal background checks on all gun sales — including private transactions that have traditionally been exempt.

And this was all made possible by the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” spearheaded by John Cornyn, Joe Biden, and Chris Murphy in 2022.

Texas Gun Rights is gearing up to fight this rule in Congress and in the courts. Make sure you are subscribed to our weekly newsletter so that we can keep you in the loop on this case! (Sign up on our home page.)

Bagged and Tagged: Glenn Rogers

April 12, 2024

One of the more “fun” losses gun owners are celebrating is the defeat of RINO Glenn Rogers. 

Despite only serving two terms in the Texas House, Rogers became one of the biggest critics of Texas Gun Rights. 


TXGR exposed his anti-gun record to his constituents, and they knew exactly what he was doing to take away their Second Amendment rights. Because of this, Glenn HATED us. So much so that he frequently attacked our organization online. 

In his biggest fit, Rogers whined about a billboard TXGR bought in his district asking constituents to call his office and tell him to stop supporting Biden’s gun control. 

Rogers was so upset that he compared our organization to a cult that  “communicate[s] through misinformation.” However, nothing about the billboard is false. Glenn did vote for this in the form of SB 728, which would bring state law into line with part of Biden’s gun control law by dumping millions of Texans’ records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry

When it comes down to it, Rogers only played lip service to the Second Amendment when it made him look good, but never actually fought against the federal government when he had the opportunity to do so. 

Luckily, the constituents of HD 60 are getting the real pro-gun leadership they deserve with Mike Olcott, who beat Rogers on election day by over 20 points (Olcott pledged his unwavering commitment to the Second Amendment by returning his Texas Gun Rights candidate survey 100% pro-gun!)

Texans across the state hunger for more Second Amendment champions in office, and Texas Gun Rights is going to work tooth and nail to ensure they are informed about where their candidates stand on gun rights.

Runoff Race of the Week: Schoolcraft vs Kuempel

April 9, 2024

Just outside of San Antonio, challenger Alan Schoolcraft is taking on RINO (Republican in Name Only) John Kuempel. The incumbent has served in office since 2011, and his record on gun rights has been a mixed bag at best. 

In the last session, Kuempel voted to expand Biden’s gun control in Texas via SB 728. The bill would bring Texas law in line with Biden’s gun-grabbing policies by dumping millions of Texans’ records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry. 

This bill is something TXGR has been holding so many Republicans accountable for because many of them, including Kuempel, claim to support the Second Amendment. Then, they travel down to Austin and vote for radical policies that help Joe Biden instead of law-abiding Texans. 

Kuempel also joined Democrats to vote for the Texas Gag Act. If this bill had been signed into law, incumbents would have been able to hide their anti-gun record from you, while groups like Texas Gun Rights would have been forced to release their entire list of membership records and donors if they dared to talk about the voting record of a politician. 

Texans should be able to hold their lawmakers accountable for bad votes they take. When incumbents work harder to pass bills like HB1585 than they did constitutional carry, Texans are able to see their true colors. 

That’s why TXGR is reporting the actions of Kuempel to constituents of HD 44 ahead of the May 28th runoff. It is critical that gun owners hold Kuempel’s feet to the fire for his actions so, win or lose, the winner of the runoff will know that protecting gun rights is a TOP priority of the district.

And there is good news: Kuempel’s challenger, Alan Schoolcraft, has already returned a pro-gun candidate survey to Texas Gun Rights, pledging his unwavering support of the Second Amendment. So if you are a resident of HD 44, call Kuempel at (512) 463-0602 and encourage him to stop supporting gun control and start fighting for gun owners! Then, contact Alan Schoolcraft to thank him for his commitment and encourage him to continue fighting for gun owners.

TXGR will continue to monitor the results of this election as they come in. Stay tuned for which runoff race we will cover next week!

Bagged and Tagged: Kronda Thimesch

April 5, 2024

Mitch Little’s victory over Kronda Thimesch in the HD 65 primary has sent ripples through the political landscape. Thimesch, who was removed from office by the voters, faced criticism for her lukewarm support for Second Amendment rights. Despite claiming to be pro-gun, her record suggested otherwise, leaving many constituents disillusioned.

During her time in office, Thimesch’s actions fell short of expectations for a staunch defender of gun freedoms. 

Thimesch voted for SB 728 to bring state law into line with part of Biden’s gun control law by dumping millions of Texans’ records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry – instead of allowing Texas to exercise its new authority under the Second Amendment Sanctuary law.

She also took several more anti-gun votes, which you can find here

 However, with Mitch Little’s triumph, there’s newfound optimism among pro-gun constituents.

Mitch Little’s campaign emphasized unwavering support for Second Amendment rights, promising to always defend them. His victory, like others we have highlighted, signals a potential turning point, reflecting voters’ demand for principled and committed defenders of gun freedoms.

As Thimesch exits the stage, Mitch Little’s ascent offers hope for a new era of strong and unwavering pro-gun representation in the district. With his win, constituents anticipate a shift toward policies that better align with their values and priorities, ensuring that their Second Amendment rights are protected and upheld.