Gov. Grisham’s unconstitutional order on guns

September 13, 2023

In a shocking violation of constitutional principles and individual liberties, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham recently proclaimed a state of emergency, temporarily banning all firearms for a 30-day period. Masking this unconstitutional act as a response to a surge in gun violence, the Governor has effectively trampled upon the sacred Second Amendment rights of New Mexicans.

This authoritarian move is already facing its day in court, thanks to the vigilant National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). This marks a watershed moment in the ongoing battle to preserve our God-given right to self-defense in America.

Let’s be clear: The United States Constitution is explicit in affirming that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Any attempt to erode this fundamental liberty, especially via executive fiat, is a frontal assault on the cornerstone of our Republic. Governor Grisham’s order is not merely unconstitutional; it strikes at the very core of American values and sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the future of our nation.

Albuquerque’s increase in violent crime was cited as the rationale for this unprecedented act. While no one denies the importance of public safety, the solution is not to disenfranchise law-abiding citizens by stripping away their constitutional rights.

The National Association for Gun Rights has rightly sprung into action, challenging this egregious overreach by filing a lawsuit on behalf of millions of responsible gun owners. Their argument is sound: Governor Grisham’s firearms ban severely violates the people’s right to defend themselves and their property. Far from making citizens safer, this authoritarian move exposes the populace to greater danger by creating a disarmed and vulnerable society.

NAGR has committed to taking this case to the highest court in the land, if necessary. Their resolve should serve as a clarion call for all of us who treasure our Second Amendment rights.

As staunch proponents of constitutional liberties here in Texas, we are deeply concerned about these developments next door in New Mexico. Make no mistake: this issue transcends state boundaries and speaks to the fundamental integrity of our United States. We stand unflinchingly with our fellow Americans in New Mexico against this despotic measure.

The actions of New Mexico’s Governor serve as a glaring warning: our freedoms are perpetually at risk from those who would use emergency powers as a pretext to subvert the Constitution. We commend organizations like NAGR for their unwavering commitment to defending our irreplaceable liberties, ensuring that the essence of the Second Amendment is not just historical text, but a living, breathing component of American life.

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