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Texas Gun Rights Brace for a Tidal Wave of Gun Control Spending by Bloomberg, Soros in Texas

In a bold move that echoes their success in Virginia, billionaire activists Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are funneling unprecedented funds into Texas through gun control groups like Giffords, aiming to turn the historically red state blue and push through radical gun control measures. This initiative represents a significant escalation in their nationwide campaign to reshape America’s gun laws.

The strategic shift to Texas, a state known for its robust support of the Second Amendment, signals a new chapter in the battle over gun rights. The recent political shift in Virginia, which saw the state turn blue on election night due to similar efforts, stands as a stark warning to gun rights advocates in Texas. The playbook used in Virginia, heavily funded by Bloomberg and Soros, successfully swayed the political landscape in favor of more restrictive gun laws. This same formula is now being applied to Texas, with the Giffords group doubling down on its spending to achieve a similar outcome.

Texas Gun Rights, a stalwart defender of gun rights, is bracing for this intensified assault on the Second Amendment. The organization, renowned for its unyielding stance on gun freedom, is gearing up to counter this wave of anti-gun activism. The challenge is formidable, as these gun control groups are not only well-funded but also strategically savvy in influencing public opinion and electoral outcomes.

In response to this looming threat, Texas Gun Rights is not only rallying its base but also expanding its efforts to hold all politicians accountable for their stance on gun rights, regardless of party affiliation. The group has made it clear that it will actively participate in the upcoming election cycle, including the 2024 Republican Primary Election, to ensure that candidates who support gun control measures, whether on the left or the right, are challenged and held accountable.

The battle lines are drawn, and Texas Gun Rights stands ready to defend the state’s long-standing tradition of supporting the Second Amendment. The organization is calling on all Texans who value their gun rights to join in this fight against the well-oiled machine of Bloomberg and Soros-funded groups. The message is clear: Texas will not capitulate to outside influences seeking to erode its constitutional rights.

As the political landscape heats up, Texas Gun Rights remains vigilant, committed to preserving the freedoms that are fundamental to the Lone Star State’s identity. The fight to keep Texas a bastion of gun rights is more crucial than ever, and the organization is poised to lead this crucial battle for the soul of Texas.

Amid NRA Struggles, Texas Gun Rights and National Association for Gun Rights Emerge as New Powerhouses in Gun Advocacy

As the National Rifle Association (NRA) faces a period of financial turmoil and allegations of mismanagement, smaller, more aggressive pro-gun groups like Texas Gun Rights and the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) are rising to prominence, filling the void left by the NRA’s waning influence.

Recent reports have highlighted the NRA’s dwindling financial power and internal strife, including significant declines in federal lobbying expenditure and a drop in membership. This comes amid mounting allegations of financial mismanagement and misuse of donor funds within the organization, casting a long shadow over what was once the most formidable gun advocacy group in the U.S.

However, in the wake of the NRA’s struggles, Texas Gun Rights and NAGR are experiencing a surge in support, positioning themselves as the new vanguard of the Second Amendment movement. These groups, adopting a no-compromise stance on gun rights, are gaining traction among gun owners and Second Amendment supporters disillusioned with the NRA’s recent controversies.

Texas Gun Rights, known for its grassroots approach and hardline stance on gun legislation, has been particularly vocal in state-level advocacy. The group has been instrumental in pushing for pro-gun legislation, including constitutional carry laws, reflecting a more aggressive and uncompromising approach to gun rights.

Similarly, NAGR has seen an uptick in influence and support. With a growing membership and increased lobbying efforts, NAGR is quickly becoming a significant force in national gun politics. The group’s unwavering stance on gun rights and vocal opposition to any form of gun control legislation resonate with a base of supporters seeking a more assertive advocacy approach.

The rise of these organizations signals a shift in the landscape of gun rights advocacy in the United States. While the NRA continues to grapple with its internal issues, Texas Gun Rights and NAGR are stepping up to lead the charge, advocating for uncompromising protection of the Second Amendment and mobilizing a new generation of gun rights activists.

As the political debate around gun control intensifies, the emergence of these groups marks a new chapter in the fight for gun rights, one where a more militant and unwavering stance is increasingly becoming the norm among advocates. With their growing influence, Texas Gun Rights and NAGR are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Second Amendment advocacy in America.

Cruz Takes the Lead in U.S. Senate Race Amidst Radical Gun Control Proposals

October 19, 2023

The U.S. Senate race in Texas is heating up as Democratic challengers Colin Allred and Roland Gutierrez take on incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. However, despite the fervor, Cruz seems to be leading the charge, primarily on the fundraising front.

Allred and Gutierrez have predicated their campaigns on aggressive gun control measures. Gutierrez, in particular, has found himself trailing in campaign contributions after adopting a radical stance on gun control, echoing the trajectory of previous challengers such as Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke’s staunch anti-gun positions led to his downfall in a state where gun rights are deeply valued.

Texas Gun Rights has been vigilant in countering the anti-gun narrative propagated by the two Democratic contenders by pushing for proactive gun reforms, keen to shift the discussion from constriction to protection of gun rights.

Top on the list for Texas Gun Rights is a ban on “red flag” gun confiscation and the advancement of a robust Second Amendment Preservation Act. The latter aims to punish federal officials attempting to enforce what is seen as unconstitutional gun control measures within the state’s borders.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, said “The only way we can secure our rights is by taking control of the narrative. Sitting back is not an option; it’s time to go on the offensive. We’ve seen time and again that allowing the Left to dominate the discourse results in the steady erosion of our Second Amendment rights.”

It’s clear that in Texas, gun rights are not just a political issue but a deeply rooted value. And while Cruz continues to maintain a strong lead, his challengers’ decision to embrace aggressive gun control measures might be their undoing. Only time will tell how this contentious battle will play out, but one thing is certain — the Second Amendment remains a pivotal point of discussion in the Lone Star State.

New Billboard Alert!

October 13, 2023

The Presidential election may be more than a year away, but we are in the thick of election season in Texas.

We talk about it a lot at TXGR — establishment and RINO Republicans are just as much of a threat (if not more!) to our gun rights as the Democrats.

The gun-grabbing dems are at least honest about wanting to take your guns away! Many Republicans campaign as being “pro-gun”, but then go to Austin and vote in the exact opposite way.

One of the worst offenders of this is my State Representative, Glenn Rogers, who represents a mostly rural district west of Fort Worth.

I’m sure you’ll remember that during the 2023 legislative session, we raised the alarm about SB 728 — a bill that moves us closer to universal gun registration in Texas.

According to the House sponsor of SB 728, Rep. Jeff Leach, the bill is bringing “Texas into line with Federal Law” as instructed by Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Safter Communities Act (something Texas could’ve REFUSED to do as a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State’.)

Sadly, SB 728 was passed by the Republican-majority Texas House, Republican-majority Texas Senate, and signed into law by the Republican Governor, and will now funnel millions of records of law-abiding Texans into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), banning them from possessing or purchasing firearms. 

But what does that mean, you ask?

This law bans adult residents of Texas with certain juvenile offenses from possessing firearms due to indiscretions as a youth.

Worse, the law FORCES state reporting to NICS on ALL future juvenile inpatient mental health cases. This also opens the records of individuals retroactively who received inpatient mental care after the age of 16, even in the overwhelming case where there is NO violent risk, and the mental health issue has been resolved.

Of course, if you recall from our previous communications, the NICS Gun Ban Registry is already a horribly flawed system with a 95% false positive rate on firearms purchase denials since 1998.

That means 95% of the firearms purchase denials were law-abiding individuals who were WRONGLY denied a purchase! Often because they have the same name, or a similar name, as a prohibited person.

Thanks to SB 728, this new law feeds right into Biden’s gun-grabbing plan. And Rep. Rogers was one of the despicable Republicans to vote for this bill.

But you can rest assured that Texas Gun Rights isn’t going to let your politicians get away with this — not without a fight!

In fact, we already placed a billboard to get the word out! And we’re preparing to follow it up with text messages and mailers, exposing his record to his pro-gun voters.

Predictably, Rogers has already gone to social media whining about the billboard, calling us liars because “other Republicans voted for it, too.” 

The truth is, Texas Gun Rights is not loyal to any politician or political party. We are loyal to our members — and our commitment to protect and defend the Second Amendment!

With your help, Texas Gun Rights will aim to expose the records of anti-gun politicians like Rogers all across the state before the next primary election.

But if we wish to go statewide, it is going to be a costly endeavor. In Rogers district alone, we expect to spend $10,000 over the next month.

Can you give $100, $50, or even $10 to help us reach more people, in more districts?

We have to hold spineless Republicans like Rep. Rogers accountable — especially when they refuse to admit they’ve done any wrong. And your donations can help!

Texas may not have gun laws like California, but it will only remain that way if we keep fighting to protect them. We dare not keep silent, or we will have only ourselves to blame when our freedoms are taken from us!

Back-to-Back Wins Against ATF Overreach!

October 9, 2023
Guess what? We did it again!
The overreaching bureaucrats at ATF were delivered another major blow.
Thanks to our relentless pressure in the court, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District stomped on the ATF’s ridiculous Forced Reset Trigger ban and granted a preliminary injunction in our SECOND lawsuit against the ATF.
Now, members of Texas Gun Rights, National Association for Gun Rights and clientele of Rare Breed Triggers, are protected from this nonsensical regulation.
But here’s the icing on the cake: in O’Connor’s conclusion, he stated that “the plaintiffs are likely correct” that the ATF’s attempts to broaden the definition of a machine gun is an arbitrary and capricious expansion of the agency’s authority.
“Plaintiffs have carried their burden at this stage to show that the expanded definition of machinegun likely exceeds the scope of ATF’s statutory authority.”
This is a huge victory and a good sign we are on the way to winning a permanent injunction for our members and further reining in the ATF.
Of course, this marks our SECOND preliminary injunction granted in less than a week!
You may recall, on Wednesday of last week that Judge O’Connor ruled in our favor in another lawsuit, ensuring that Texas Gun Rights members are shielded against the ATF’s misguided ban on pistol stabilizing braces.
That’s TWO major smackdowns in ONE week!
How’s that for showing the ATF who’s boss?
Now, let’s be clear. These are not mere victories. They are loud, clear messages to the power-hungry pencil pushers in D.C.
But we’re not just here to win battles. We’re here to WIN THE WAR.
And that war? It’s to ABOLISH the ATF for good — and YOU can help us send them packing!
Let’s drown them in a sea of signatures!
But after you sign, I need you to help us keep the momentum going.
Remember, donations of $35 or more not only support our cause but automatically make you a Texas Gun Rights member (if you’re not one already.)
That means, should we secure a permanent injunction, your rights would be safeguarded permanently!
Look, I understand not everyone has money to give. Or, like many others, you may have already given recently.
And we greatly appreciate your support!
But please know that each victory we achieve is a testament to our collective strength, unity, and dedication to preserving the Second Amendment rights.
Let’s keep up the pressure and ensure our voices resonate in the corridors of power.
Thank you for being the backbone of this fight. Together, we will prevail!
For Texas and Liberty,
Chris McNutt
President, Texas Gun Rights

Major Win for Texas Gun Rights: Preliminary Injunction Granted!

October 4, 2023

We have HUGE news to share with you so please allow me to get straight to the point:

The Northern District of Texas has granted Texas Gun Rights a preliminary injunction against the ATF’s ban on pistol stabilizing braces! 

That means the ATF cannot enforce their ban against our members. (You can read the injunction here).

If you haven’t been following our lawsuit, let me catch you up to speed! 

Texas Gun Rights, in collaboration with the National Association for Gun Rights, took a bold step in SUING the Biden-ATF as a direct response to their ban on pistol stabilizing braces earlier this summer

These plastic firearm accessories, designed to assist disabled veterans and ensure safe and accurate firearm use, are now being used as a pretext to criminalize millions of Americans — and forcing them to disarm.

This is an outrageous abuse of power!

But thanks to YOUR relentless support — we were granted a preliminary injunction, prohibiting the ATF from enforcing this draconian rule on members of our organization. 

This is not just a win for Texas Gun Rights members but a victory for every individual who believes in the right to bear arms and the liberties the Second Amendment protects.

Sadly, this is just the first of MANY battles we have with the ATF.

We’re also diving headfirst into challenging the ATF’s contentious decision to ban forced reset triggers, where they indiscriminately determined a forced reset trigger can somehow turn a firearm into a MACHINE gun.

In fact, I was in federal court earlier this week for our lawsuit on that case, where we are also fighting for an injunction for our members!

Of course, there’s another looming storm on the horizon: the ATF has proposed a new definition for what type of individual constitutes as a “dealer in firearms“. 

If they push this through, Biden’s Universal Gun Registration scheme will be nearly complete by forcing EVERY single (legal) private firearms transaction through the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry

But as you and I know, criminals will never comply with this request, only law-abiding citizens will… making it nothing more than a universal gun registry for law-abiding gun owners.

Should the ATF dare to tread this path as proposed, we’re ready to counter with all the legal might at our disposal with yet another lawsuit.

But while we rally against these immediate threats, our endgame remains clear: to see the ATF dissolved

We’re actively pushing for H.R. 374 in Congress, and its passing will symbolize a monumental stride in safeguarding gun rights across America.

Now, I turn to you, the backbone of our movement, to join us in making an even more significant impact.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to Abolish the ATF: 

Together, we can send a thunderous message that resonates through the halls of Congress.

But if you’ve already signed our petition, please consider supporting our ongoing efforts with a donation to Texas Gun Rights.

No matter if it is $10, $50 or any amount you’re comfortable with, every penny fuels our mission, enabling us to maintain the pressure on the ATF and staunchly defend our cherished freedoms.

We stand at a crossroads, with every action and decision echoing into the future of gun rights in Texas and beyond. 

We’ve tasted victory, and with your continued support, I believe our most significant triumphs are still ahead.

For Texas and Liberty,


Chris McNutt

President, Texas Gun Rights

California’s Tax on Guns and Ammo: A Tyrannical Act Requiring Unyielding Resistance

September 27, 2023

In a move symbolizing the escalating battle over Second Amendment rights in the United States, California Governor Gavin Newsom has imposed an 11% tax on firearms and ammunition, labeling it a “sin tax.”

This oppressive legislation, crafted by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel and buoyed by support from figures like former Assemblyman Marc Levine, is estimated to funnel approximately $160 million annually to the state. Positioned as a means to address California’s significant budget deficit, the law allegedly aims to fund mental health and school safety programs, using law-abiding gun owners as the fiscal source.

Governor Newsom’s unyielding defense of this discriminatory legislation illustrates the stark contrast between states like California and states like Texas, where the approach to gun rights is fundamentally divergent.

While California seeks to suppress gun ownership under the cloak of moral and fiscal responsibility, Texas is moving to reinforce and protect the constitutional rights of its citizens.

Texas Gun Rights, a fervent advocate for Second Amendment freedoms, is preparing to introduce legislation in the next Texas legislative session with the objective of eliminating sales tax on purchases of all firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, expressed his stance unequivocally, asserting, “Texas should be a sanctuary state for all things related to firearms. You don’t have to pay a tax to exercise your rights protected by the First Amendment, and you shouldn’t have to pay a tax to exercise your rights protected by the Second Amendment, either.”

This proclamation stands in stark contrast to Governor Newsom’s obstinate justification of the “sin tax,” revealing a deep philosophical chasm between states on the fundamental understanding of individual rights and freedoms.

While California pursues policies that infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens under the guise of safety and fiscal prudence, Texas is championing the cause of constitutional liberties, seeking to fortify the protections afforded to its citizens under the Second Amendment.

The diverging paths of these states reflect the broader national conversation surrounding gun rights, painting a vivid picture of the ideological battle lines drawn across the country.

The developments in California serve as a solemn reminder of the relentless efforts by some to erode constitutional freedoms, while the proactive measures in Texas symbolize the enduring fight to preserve the foundational principles of this nation.

The contrast between California’s punitive taxation and Texas’s sanctuary aspirations underscore the critical importance of continuous vigilance and action in defense of our inalienable rights.

Wokeness Warfare: Corporate Giants Versus Second Amendment Rights

September 27, 2023

There’s a hidden war brewing, and it’s not on any traditional battlefield.

It’s a war being waged by corporate giants embracing ‘wokeness’ and turning it into a weapon against our Second Amendment rights, attempting to strangle the constitutional liberties we hold dear in Texas and across the nation.

JPMorgan Chase is at the frontlines of this covert warfare, implementing a slew of policies aimed at stifling conservative voices and organizations.

Their tactics raise the ominous specter of discrimination, impacting entities and individuals associated with conservative and religious causes, thus restricting their ability to participate in the marketplace of goods, services, and ideas.

Joining them in this silent struggle is Bank of America, a corporation seemingly entwined in pushing Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, to enact anti-gun policies.

Despite the denials from Bank of America about its role in influencing Intuit’s policies against the firearms industry, the cloud of their association sends a powerful message about corporations attempting to undercut the Second Amendment rights surreptitiously.

Intuit itself had displayed a blatant disregard for firearm-related businesses, placing prohibitive clauses in its use policy against the industry until Sen. Ted Cruz stepped in, exposing and opposing these shadowy practices.

This not only unveiled the concealed clash between corporate ideologies and constitutional rights but also revealed the depth of the struggle between the sanctity of the Second Amendment and corporate wokeness.

These companies, wrapped in a façade of social responsibility and morality, are constructing a concealed battlefield.

They’re enforcing hidden policies, masked as safety and ethical standards, systematically obstructing firearm businesses and, by extension, eroding our constitutional rights and the free market.

This is more than just an expression of corporate beliefs; it’s a well-calculated strategy aimed at reshaping societal norms and imposing an authoritarian narrative on individual liberties and choices.

What we’re witnessing is a corporate strategy meticulously crafted to subordinate constitutional freedoms to progressive corporate ideologies, creating an environment where ideological conformity is the price of entry into society, and any divergence is punished by exclusion and ostracization.

The narrative doesn’t end at policy formation—it’s about the silent, strategic obliteration of constitutional rights under the façade of ethical responsibility and societal safety, reflecting a substantial threat to the constitutional ideals and individual freedoms we fight to preserve.

In this complex scenario, it’s crucial to maintain a delicate balance between diverse ideologies, values, corporate responsibility, and constitutional rights.

While corporations can champion their principles, imposing them should never violate our democratic values and rights.

We need an informed and conscious discourse to strike the right balance between corporate progressivism and constitutional values, to protect and nourish the democratic ethos we all believe in.

Stand Firm for Our Rights

The silent war led by these corporate giants underscores the importance of relentless vigilance and unwavering resolve in protecting our freedoms and values against those who wish to dismantle them.

It’s time we, the defenders of the Second Amendment, rise, and face this covert warfare with unity, strength, and a relentless pursuit of liberty.

Concerns Surrounding Biden’s New Gun Violence Prevention Office

September 25, 2023

In a brazen assault on our rights, President Biden, in cohort with Vice President Kamala Harris, has unveiled a calculated ploy to erode our God-given, constitutionally protected freedom to bear arms by establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

This new entity serves as a gateway for influential anti-gun factions like the “Community Justice Action Fund” and Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” to embed their agendas into the government’s policies.

It’s a crystal-clear manifestation of the administration’s desire to decimate our gun rights while blatantly misusing the dollars we contribute as taxpayers.

This newly formed office is not just another bureaucratic entity. It is a glaring symbol of the unrelenting endeavors of this administration to dismantle our rights.

Our freedom is being auctioned off to the highest bidder, with entities like Everytown having direct influence over our nation’s policies, and guess who’s footing the bill?

We, the law-abiding citizens.

What’s even more disconcerting is the absolute bypass of congressional authorization or appropriation for establishing this office.

This isn’t just an attack on our Second Amendment rights; it’s an unprecedented overreach of executive power, demonstrating a disregard for legislative processes.

This insidious move is emblematic of the administration’s broader strategy to unilaterally enforce restrictive gun control policies.

Biden’s gun control office marks the expansion of the intricate web of gun control advocates spanning across media, academia, and technology, alongside several other sectors.

It’s more than just an office; it’s a fortress for anti-gun zealots to orchestrate a systematic onslaught on lawful gun owners and the firearms industry.

It’s a clear indicator of the sweeping cultural shift trying to corrode our Second Amendment rights from within, acting as a catalyst for a bigger, more deeply rooted anti-gun initiative.

Figures like Robert Wilcox, with notorious anti-gun pedigrees, are being strategically positioned without the need for Senate approval.

Wilcox, with his stringent anti-gun stances and association with Everytown for Gun Safety, is now championing his radical agenda on our dime.

This direct infusion of anti-gun lobbyists into key governmental roles is a deliberate, provocative act aimed at disintegrating the constitutional fabrics of our nation.

The blatant disregard for our rights and the overt exploitation of our tax dollars to propel gun control ideologies is not just alarming—it’s an act of war against our freedoms.

We must stay unwavering in our resolve to fight against this insidious encroachment on our rights.

Texas Gun Rights is keeping a watchful eye on every maneuver from this office and will stand on the front lines to safeguard our liberties.

It is our duty as vigilant citizens to stand united against these orchestrated attempts to infiltrate and corrode our constitutional rights.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt


Texas Gun Rights


Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Acquittal: A Win for Second Amendment and Gun Rights in Texas

September 20, 2023

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recent acquittal on all charges is a significant victory for Second Amendment and gun rights advocates in Texas.

Paxton’s steadfast commitment to upholding the Second Amendment has been a defining aspect of his political career to date and his time as Attorney General. He has consistently fought to protect and expand the rights of law-abiding gun owners, recognizing the importance of this constitutional right in our state.

One notable achievement is Paxton’s lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) over their unconstitutional Pistol Brace Ban. His willingness to challenge the ATF head-on showcases his dedication to defending the rights of gun owners in Texas. Additionally, he has challenged the ATF’s attempted regulation of “Made In Texas” suppressors, demonstrating his commitment to upholding the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

The efforts of Texas Gun Rights (TXGR) in support of Attorney General Paxton have been pivotal. Through grassroots mobilization and outreach, TXGR has rallied thousands of gun rights supporters across Texas to hold gun grabbing politicians accountable.

The overwhelming support for our shared cause—defending the Second Amendment—underscores the importance of Paxton’s leadership in safeguarding our constitutional rights.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, praised Paxton’s commitment to defending gun rights in Texas, saying, “Attorney General Paxton has been a steadfast defender of our Second Amendment rights. His actions have shown that he is willing to take on any challenge to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Texas. We are proud to stand with him in this critical fight.”

Attorney General Paxton’s relentless efforts have not gone unnoticed. His dedication to protecting Second Amendment rights made him a target of those who seek to undermine these fundamental freedoms. The recent acquittal serves as a reminder of the importance of having strong pro-Second Amendment champions like Paxton in office.

Attorney General Paxton’s acquittal is a significant victory for Second Amendment and gun rights advocates across Texas. Let us celebrate this triumph and recommit ourselves to defending and preserving the rights that make Texas a beacon of freedom for all Americans.