Liberty BUSTED for Giving Government Access to Customer Safes

September 7, 2024

Liberty Safe, a company that prides itself as “America’s #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer,” has recently come under scrutiny for its questionable cooperation with law enforcement agencies. While they boast a 98% customer satisfaction rate, their recent actions have raised concerns among gun owners and advocates for individual liberties, particularly here in the Lone Star State.

On August 30, Liberty Safe complied with an FBI request to unlock the safe of Nathan Hughes, an Arkansas resident who was served a search warrant related to his alleged participation in the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol. This act has sparked a heated debate about the extent to which companies should cooperate with law enforcement, especially when it comes to the sanctity of one’s home and the Second Amendment rights that we hold dear in Texas.

In a recent incident in Wilmington, North Carolina, firefighters had to cut into a gun safe inside a sporting goods store to rescue a little girl who was accidentally locked inside by her sister. The store employees did not have a key, and it appears that the safe manufacturer could not provide an access code in this emergency. This raises the question: If Liberty Safe can provide an access code to the FBI for a search warrant, why couldn’t a safe manufacturer assist when a child’s life is in immediate danger?

Liberty Safe’s decision to provide the FBI with an access code to Hughes’ safe is not just a matter of aiding a federal investigation. It sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the privacy and security of every American who owns a Liberty Safe. The company’s actions have essentially told their customers that their “peace of mind” comes with conditions, undermining the very essence of what a safe should represent.

It’s important to note that Liberty Safe was under no legal obligation to assist the FBI. The search warrant was for Nathan Hughes, not Liberty Safe. By voluntarily providing the access code, the company has overstepped its boundaries, raising serious questions about consumer trust and the protection of our Second Amendment rights.

As staunch advocates for gun rights and individual liberties in Texas, we cannot overlook these incidents. Liberty Safe’s actions are not in line with the principles that we, as Texans and Americans, hold dear. We must question the ethics of a company willing to compromise the privacy and security of its customers, especially when it comes to the sanctity of our homes and our constitutional rights.

While Liberty Safe may argue that they are committed to “preserving our customers’ rights,” their recent actions suggest otherwise. We urge all gun owners to think critically about the companies they choose to support and to stand firm in their commitment to upholding the values that make Texas and America great.

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