Runoff Race of the Week: Schoolcraft vs Kuempel

April 9, 2024

Just outside of San Antonio, challenger Alan Schoolcraft is taking on RINO (Republican in Name Only) John Kuempel. The incumbent has served in office since 2011, and his record on gun rights has been a mixed bag at best. 

In the last session, Kuempel voted to expand Biden’s gun control in Texas via SB 728. The bill would bring Texas law in line with Biden’s gun-grabbing policies by dumping millions of Texans’ records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry. 

This bill is something TXGR has been holding so many Republicans accountable for because many of them, including Kuempel, claim to support the Second Amendment. Then, they travel down to Austin and vote for radical policies that help Joe Biden instead of law-abiding Texans. 

Kuempel also joined Democrats to vote for the Texas Gag Act. If this bill had been signed into law, incumbents would have been able to hide their anti-gun record from you, while groups like Texas Gun Rights would have been forced to release their entire list of membership records and donors if they dared to talk about the voting record of a politician. 

Texans should be able to hold their lawmakers accountable for bad votes they take. When incumbents work harder to pass bills like HB1585 than they did constitutional carry, Texans are able to see their true colors. 

That’s why TXGR is reporting the actions of Kuempel to constituents of HD 44 ahead of the May 28th runoff. It is critical that gun owners hold Kuempel’s feet to the fire for his actions so, win or lose, the winner of the runoff will know that protecting gun rights is a TOP priority of the district.

And there is good news: Kuempel’s challenger, Alan Schoolcraft, has already returned a pro-gun candidate survey to Texas Gun Rights, pledging his unwavering support of the Second Amendment. So if you are a resident of HD 44, call Kuempel at (512) 463-0602 and encourage him to stop supporting gun control and start fighting for gun owners! Then, contact Alan Schoolcraft to thank him for his commitment and encourage him to continue fighting for gun owners.

TXGR will continue to monitor the results of this election as they come in. Stay tuned for which runoff race we will cover next week!

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