Federal Judge sides with the Constitution in Virginia!

Federal Judge rules that preventing 18-20 yr old from buying hand guns from an FFl is unconstitutional

July 28th 2023

On May 11th 2023, there was a significant ruling by a federal judge in Virginia that declared it unconstitutional to prohibit 18-20 year olds from purchasing handguns from Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers. This is undoubtedly a tremendous victory for our Second Amendment rights! It is reminiscent of a similar ruling here in Texas, where a judge upheld the right of 18-20 year olds to carry handguns.

The ruling in Virginia came after a brave individual from that state tried to purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer but was unjustly denied. This individual had the courage to challenge the decision and took legal action against the ATF. 

Thankfully, justice prevailed, and the individual won their case. This ruling reaffirms the fundamental rights given to us by our Constitution.

There are a number of states that discriminate against 18-20 year olds when it comes to both the purchase and carrying of firearms. Apparently, in America, you can be old enough to join the military and be in charge of heavy weaponry, but you can’t carry a handgun to defend yourself.

Now, it’s crucial for more states to follow suit and support these essential constitutional rights. We need to protect and uphold the Second Amendment across the nation. Every law-abiding citizen, regardless of age, should be able to exercise their right to bear arms responsibly and without unnecessary restrictions. These recent legal victories highlight the importance of challenging unjust laws and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional rights.

The ruling in Virginia and the similar decision in Texas are tremendous victories for our Second Amendment rights. Let us continue to stand together, urging other states to recognize and support the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution and keep fighting.

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