Protect Your Second Amendment Rights in the Republican Primary Runoff!

May 17, 2024 

With early voting underway from May 20-24 and Election Day on May 28, it’s crucial for all Texans to know which candidates have committed their unwavering support for gun rights – and those who have fought against your Second Amendment (or have refused to take a strong stance.)

In recent years, we have seen an alarming rise in attempts to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights – by Democrats AND Republicans.

Whether it’s support for Biden’s gun control or the watering down of Constitutional Carry, incumbents who do not fully support the right to bear arms have posed a significant threat to our freedoms. 

Texans need representatives who will stand firm against any form of gun control and protect our constitutional rights, not compromise on them!

That’s why your participation in the runoff election is vital. Anti-gun RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are vying for positions or another term so that they can pass laws that restrict your right to own and carry firearms. 

Your vote can make the difference in protecting our fundamental liberties here in Texas. 

Remember, a vote for true Second Amendment supporters is a vote for your rights, your freedom, and the future of gun ownership in Texas. 

To learn which candidates have pledged their unwavering commitment to protect and defend the Second Amendment in the May 28th Republican Primary Runoff, view our voter guide here! 

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